Learn how to change your look in six easy steps

Influencer extraordinaire Katherine Rose shares a step-by-step guide to transforming your look with just a few simple beauty purchases and an affordable, minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. Follow the steps below to learn how to enhance your natural beauty:

Step 1: Take a luxurious shower

Katherine likes to start her glow up transformation by first taking a relaxing and luxurious shower using her favorite bath products. Afterward, she applies both a hair mask and a face mask. For the hair mask, she recommends using Joico K-Pak, which uses liposome technology to strengthen, restore, and protect hair.

For the face mask, Katherine likes to use Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, made with 100% calcium bentonite clay, which unclogs and tightens pores. She mixes it with apple cider vinegar and leaves the mask on her face for fifteen minutes before rinsing it off.

Step 2: Drink your vitamins

As an added beauty boost, Katherine likes to experiment with different ways to get her skin-loving vitamins. She tried SkinTe, which is sparkling collagen tea that helps promote skin health. Collagen is essential for skin elasticity and hydration, as well as healthy hair and nails.

Step 3: Apply self-tanner

Katherine opted to use Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse. Why? Because it's easy to apply, fast-drying, and lightweight. Plus, self-tanners are a great skin-friendly alternative to tanning in the sun. She used a tanning mitt applicator to evenly apply the product all over her body right before going to bed.

Step 4: Paint your nails

Choose a color you really love and paint your fingernails. Katherine applied artificial nails for length and chose a black nail polish from the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line to create colored tips on her fingernails — a fun twist on a French manicure!

Step 5: Get your lips touched up

Katherine wanted to enhance the shape and volume of her lips with some hyaluronic acid-based Juvéderm dermal fillers, so she went to LaserAway to get her treatment done. Why? Because all of the staff there are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.

Step 6: Get your hair done

To conclude her glow up transformation, Katherine went to her favorite hairdresser to get her hair colored and cut. But if going to a hairdresser isn't an option for you right now because of the pandemic, you can color and style your hair in the comfort of your own home. Professional grade colors like Joice Lumishine DD Dimensional Deposit Dem-permanent Color can give you salon results. At the same time, haircutting tools like CreaClip can help you cut and layer your hair so that it looks like it's been professionally cut.

...And that's it!

To see more of Katherine Rose's makeover videos, visit her YouTube channel here.

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