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Glam with Pride: 5 LGBTQ+ Owned Cosmetics Companies to Support

Queer-owned beauty brands to check out

Within the world of beauty, there is a growing number of brands that champion diversity, equality, and representation as enthusiastically as they do vibrant eyeshadows and flawless foundations. These cosmetics companies have incorporated advocacy work into their business models, delivering messages of inclusivity and love. As we gear up to commemorate Pride Month, let’s highlight five leading queer-owned cosmetics brands. These companies aren’t just about helping you perfect your winged eyeliner; they’re about empowering you to flaunt your identity with pride while also supporting a cause close to your heart.

1. Fluide Beauty

Fluide Beauty is a brand that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. Their mission is to provide products for all gender expressions, making everyone feel seen and valued. With vibrant lip glosses, shimmery eyeshadows, and hydrating skincare, Fluide ensures you can express yourself however you choose. Plus, they regularly collaborate with LGBTQ+ artists and donate to related causes, ensuring your purchase supports the community directly.

2. Non Gender Specific

As the name suggests, Non Gender Specific is all about creating products that are inclusive and effective for everyone, regardless of gender. Their skincare line is minimal yet powerful, featuring multitasking products like the Everything Serum and the Everything Cream. Founder Andrew Glass’s mission is to simplify beauty routines while promoting gender fluidity, making skincare easy and accessible for all.

3. Freck Beauty

Freck Beauty is known for its innovative products and bold approach to beauty. Founded by Remi Brixton, this brand embraces individuality and self-expression. Their standout product, the Freck OG, is a cult favorite for creating realistic faux freckles. Additionally, their clean, vegan formulas and commitment to sustainability make them a go-to for conscientious beauty lovers.

4. JECCA Blac

JECCA Blac was founded by makeup artist Jessica Blackler, who initially focused on providing makeup lessons for transgender women. This mission has evolved into a fully-fledged cosmetics line dedicated to creating gender-free makeup for all. Their products, like the Correct & Conceal palette, are designed with inclusivity in mind, ensuring everyone can achieve their desired look with ease. JECCA Blac also actively supports LGBTQ+ organizations, making each purchase a step towards positive change.

5. NOTO Botanics

NOTO Botanics, founded by Gloria Noto, offers multi-use, all-natural beauty products that cater to all genders. Known for their high-performance botanical-based formulas, NOTO Botanics emphasizes simplicity and efficacy. The brand also prioritizes giving back, with a portion of proceeds supporting various social and environmental causes, including LGBTQ+ rights.

Celebrate Pride Month with all the colors of the rainbow

While we celebrate Pride Month with extra glitter and vibrant hues, let’s remember how important it is to support the LGBTQ community not just in June but year-round. These queer-owned cosmetics brands not only offer an array of products to express yourself but also support the LGBTQ+ community. So, whether you’re touching up your foundation or applying that bold lipstick, remember — you’re contributing to a more inclusive world, one makeup product at a time. Beauty, after all, is more than skin deep.

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