Summer is almost here, and with it come longer days and warmer weather. More light and heat mean more bare skin. Time, then, for a beauty back-to-basics to keep you looking great when Mother Nature turns up temperature.

Begin by giving your skin some TLC

Exfoliate your entire body a few times a week to remove dry skin. Buff your skin from head to toe using a dry brush or exfoliating body wash. This will not only make your skin feel and look silky soft. It will also ready it for spray-on tanners.

A two-percent salicylic acid body wash will help you blast body acne. Let it sit on problem areas for a few minutes before rinsing it off. When you step out of the shower, you can swab breakouts with an additional salicylic acid treatment.

Chances are you’ll probably start sporting sandals soon. You’ll want to use a foot file to soften your feet's skin. Draw the file from the outer edges of your soles toward your arches. Once you have filed your feet, apply a foot cream.

Then bring some of that love to your hair

A month before summer starts, hydrate your hair with moisturizing treatments. This will prevent water and sun from drying it out. Look for hair masks that are rich in wheat protein.

Hair wore down causes sweat and oil to collect near your face. Wear your hair up, then, to reduce the risk of excessive moisture messing up your makeup. Plus, you'll stay more comfortable. "Just tie your hair up out of the way and go about your business at least 70 percent cooler," The Gloss recommends.

Next, prime for bikini time

If you plan on wearing swimsuits, you’ll want to give yourself a bikini wax with prewaxed strips. Be sure you wax all the usual areas.

We all know sunbathing without sunscreen is a big no-no. Apply a self-tanner to cut the risk of premature aging and skin cancer. Before you do, though, shave, wax, and get a manicure. Then exfoliate your body. Dab a little bit of body lotion to dry areas of your skin, such as your knees and elbows. This will keep them from turning orange. Apply a self-tanner from the bottom and work your way up.

It's essential that you wear sunscreen during spring and summer months. "It’s no secret that the fabulous sun has UVA and UVB rays that are extremely damaging to your skin," Juicy Beauty notes, "and those who have suffered the not-so-fun consequences of soaking up a few too many rays on a sunny day (read: sunburn) likely have something to show for it in the way of unwanted damage, dark spots and lines." Apply sunscreen to all exposed areas of your face and body.


Now it’s time to focus on your face

Wear a primer to keep your foundation and color lasting longer. All you need is a pea-sized dab of it. But make sure it’s of a lightweight, oil-free formula. Apply it before you put on foundation and concealer.

Whatever you do, avoid liquid foundation. It can cake or, worse, melt altogether. Use a tinted moisturizer instead. It's lightweight enough that you won’t end a summer day looking like a clown who has been crying.

To maintain a dewy summer look use a setting powder on your face’s "T-zone" — forehead, nose, chin. Also, lightly dust some loose powder on your t-zone as well as your upper lip.

Powdered blush and sweat don’t mix; they can leave you with streaky skin. Use a gel blush to keep your face streak-free.

The wrong concealer can leave streaks across your face once you start sweating. Use a densely pigmented cream concealer to keep this from happening, and apply it to blemishes with a small brush.

Lips and eyes … and you’re done!

The summer heat can make your lipstick bleed. To avoid this, use lip stains instead of lipstick and liner. "What's more," Bustle reports, "any stain that you use on your lips might also be usable on your cheeks for a matching flush that also won't budge." Any time you can get makeup do double-duty, you're money ahead!

We all know that when sweat and powders mix, the results aren’t pretty. Wear sheer cream shadows; they tend to cake less in hot weather.

Kohl pencil eyeliners tend to smudge and melt in the heat, but liquid eyeliners stay put. Choose a waterproof mascara. It can withstand both the summer’s heat and the beach’s waves.

Sure, lip gloss is great to wear. But the sun can make it sticky and runny. To avoid this, wear a tinted lip balm with a high wax content. This will keep it from melting in your bag or on your lips.

It’s all about multitasking and maintenance

If you don’t want to look too made up, use multipurpose products that you can apply to your cheeks, eyelids, and lips. These will give you a simple, put-together look.

And use oil blotting papers. "They’re elegant in their simplicity — whisper-thin sheets drawn out, one by one, to take in oil before it consumes your face," notes Vogue. Because the summer heat can make your skin quite shiny, you use blotting papers throughout the day to keep a matte look.

A hot summer demands a hot look. By following a few simple rules of thumb, you'll sizzle on through to September.

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