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5 Ways to Boost Your Spinning Workouts

If you want to get the most out of your spinning class, then there are certain rules you should follow. Here are five tips for getting the most out of your spinning session.

1. Relax your upper body

Did you know that the more you relax your shoulders, elbows, and neck, the more you can focus your energy on your lower body? Lots of people who spin tend to straighten their elbows and raise their shoulders to their ear when the ride becomes challenging. But if you can stay focused and relax your upper body, then your form won’t be compromised.

2. Don’t grip

Keep your hands nice and light. Gripping the handlebars too hard is actually a waste of energy AND it forces you to support your body weight on your hands and wrists, which can lead to injuries. Instead, focus on tightening your core, and balancing your weight over your midsection, glutes, and quads.

3. Change the position of your upper body when climbing

Did you know that the best way to get through a tough hill without stopping or slowing down is to adjust your upper body once or twice during the climb? If you start the climb with your hands on the outside, lower edges of the handlebars, and a bend in your hips, try switching positions when you start to feel the burn. Instead, bring your hands to the center of the handlebars, raise your chest, and lessen the bend in your hips. By doing this, you’re using those major muscles in a slightly different way, which will result in a subtle change in your torso.

4. Push through

Pull up on the pedal as hard as you push down. Far too many people tend to hammer on the downstroke, allowing the foot to float back around on the way up. But if you instead drive your knee up and out to complete your rotation, you’ll find more power with each pedal stroke.

5. No cheating on resistance

It’s never good to have no resistance in the saddle. If you find that your hips are bouncing in the seat, this means that you don’t have adequate resistance on the flywheel. This mistake often leads to hip and knee problems. More resistance means more results.


Lose weight with these metabolism-boosting foods

Add these foods into your diet and you’ll drop serious pounds with your spinning routine:

• Green tea

Numerous studies have demonstrated that green tea extract boosts metabolism and helps burn fat. One study found that green tea improved both weight loss and weight maintenance in moderately obese people. Researchers believe that catechins in green tea are responsible for its metabolism boosting properties. Green tea not only has the ability to ramp up your metabolism, but it also turns back the clock! Green tea contains powerful antioxidants called polyphenols that fight free radicals, which means it protects your skin from damage.

• Citrus

Did you know that oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes are loaded with vitamin C? And did you know that vitamin C helps metabolize fat faster, enabling you to shed pounds faster? It’s true! While you only need 60 mg of vitamin C daily to meet your body’s basic needs, increasing your dosage to 500 mg daily can boost your fat-burning potential by 39%. In fact, one study showed that participants who ate half a grapefruit three times a day lost an average of 3.6 pounds in three months.

• Protein

Lean proteins like fish, chicken, and tofu can really speed up your metabolism. Why? Because they require so much energy to complete digestion. In fact, numerous studies have shown that people who eat high-protein diets burn twice as many calories after a meal than people who eat high carbohydrate diets. Not only does protein help preserve muscle mass during weight loss, it also keeps your metabolism running at full speed. Aim for at least 50 to 75 grams of protein a day if you’re a woman.

Put your best spin on it

We all know that spinning is one of the best workouts around. It spares your joints, sculpts your legs, burns calories galore, and is fun and engaging — especially if you go to a spinning class.


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