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Top 5 Best Camping Sex Positions

Sex while camping

Camping with your significant other in the forest under the open stars is super romantic  there is no doubt about it. But initiating sex on a camping trip can be logistically tricky. If you want to try it out, here are the top five best sex positions for camping:

1. Pillow position

To master this sex position, you’ll want to line up a couple of rolled-up sleeping bags from end to end. Then lie on top of them on your back as if they were pillows. Have your significant other climb on top of you, maintaining balance by placing hands and knees on both sides of the sleeping bags.

2. Sleeping bag spoon

Create a love cocoon by zipping two sleeping bags together. Then slide inside the sleeping bags, pulling the bags tightly around both of you. Move against each other slowly.

3. Tent triangle

Inside your tent, face your significant other with your arms around their neck. Your legs should also be wrapped around their hips. Then rock your hips against them, pulling them with your legs.

4. Campfire embrace

Make sure the entrance to your tent is facing your campfire. Open the tent flaps, and lie on your stomach so you can see the fire. Have your significant other lie on top of you, and then open your legs so they can enter from behind.

5. Sleeping bag bounce

Curl up in a duck-and-cover position on your sleeping bag, raising your behind. Then have your significant other kneel from behind, and balance by hanging onto your love handles.

Tips and tricks for getting the job done

While camping sex can be awkward, it doesn’t have to be. Here are other tips and trick to ensure you and your significant other have an enjoyable outdoors experience together:

Pack a large tent. This goes without saying, but if you plan on getting busy in the woods, you should make sure you have plenty of space. A two-person tent won’t cut it — instead, you should bring with a four-person tent to ensure both of you are comfortable.

Bring ample sleeping pads. The ground will be hard. To make you and your significant other more comfortable, you should pack a few sleeping pads. Make sure to put your sleeping bags on top of the sleeping pads to make the ground cushier. If you’re into outdoor sex, you can also drag a sleeping pad outside to use.

Locate a secluded area. Unless you’re into others watching your nighttime activities, you should try to find a secluded camping area. Whatever you do, don’t try to have sex around families with children.

Lights out. Before having sex, turn off all flashlights and lamps, unless you want your camping neighbors to see the outline of your bodies.

Have sex in other places. If your camping spot isn’t private enough or your tent isn’t big enough, then get creative. You can always have sex in your car or against a tree.

Beware of bugs. If you’re camping close to water, or during mosquito season, then you should have sex inside your tent. Remember that you can’t apply bug spray to your genital region.

Baby wipes are crucial. You can easily refresh yourself before and after sex using baby wipes. This is especially true if your campsite doesn’t have showers.

Use condoms. Even if you don’t normally use condoms, you should use them for camping sex. Why? Because it’ll be easier to clean up afterward.

Don’t forget the lube. If your space is limited, you can bring some single-use lube packets. Make sure to properly dispose of the packets after use.

Keep sex positions simple. Don’t try to do any wacky sex positions during a camping trip. Instead, stick to what you know, such as spooning, missionary, side, and doggie. That way you won’t be logistically challenged.

Happy camping!

If you want to try outdoors sex during your next camping trip, don’t worry! As long as you prepare ahead of time, and stick with low-key sex positions you are familiar with, you’re guaranteed to have a blast together! Follow the above camping sex positions along with the suggested tips and tricks, and you won’t go wrong.

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