infussed water recipesFresh fruit and herbs make great flavors for water, and also make it easier to stay hydrated throughout the day. Here are ten infused water ideas you should try out:

1. Cucumber mint

Thinly slice a cucumber, and then add the cucumber slices to a large glass jar. Then add a few muddled fresh mint leaves and fill with filtered water. Stir and place in the fridge overnight.

2. Blueberry orange

Slice two organic oranges into thin slices. Add the sliced oranges and one cup of blueberries to a gallon size glass jar. Fill to the top using filtered water, and stir. Refrigerate for a few hours.

3. Watermelon basil

Add two cups of finely chopped fresh watermelon to a large glass jar. Add a bunch of muddled basil and then fill with filtered water. Allow infusing for a few hours.

4. Pineapple mint

Peel and thinly slice a pineapple. Place in a large glass jar, and then add a handful of muddled fresh mint. Add filtered water to fill and stir. Store in the refrigerator.

5. Strawberry lemon

Slice 20 fresh strawberries and place them in a large glass jar. Then add one sliced lemon to the jar, and fill with water. Stir gently and refrigerate overnight.

6. Cherry lime

Add two cups of fresh cherries that have been cut in half to a large glass jar. Then slice one fresh lime, and place it in the jar, too. Add water to fill, and then mix. Store in the fridge until ready to drink.

7. Raspberry grapefruit

Thinly slice a grapefruit, and place the slices in a large glass jar. Muddle some fresh raspberries, and add it to the jar. Fill with water, and mix together. Allow the flavors to infuse the water for a few hours before drinking.

8. Mango pineapple

Peel once mango and slice it. Add to a large glass jar, and then add one cup for finely chopped pineapple and filtered water. Allow infusing in the fridge for six hours before drinking.

9. Orange grape

Half two cups of organic grapes and place them in a large glass jar. Thinly slice one orange and add it to the jar. Fill with water, stir, and refrigerate overnight.

10. Pineapple basil

Slice a fresh pineapple, and place it in a large glass jar. Add 15 muddled fresh basil leaves, and fill with filtered water. Infuse overnight.

Drink up!

Remember to use high-quality organic fruits and herbs when infusing water. If you're using conventional fruits, be sure to peel the skin before using them. For best flavor, it takes at least four hours or overnight to allow the fruit to infuse the water completely.

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