13 Tips for Easily Organizing Everything in Your Closet

How to organize your closet

Have you emptied your entire closet, searching for your favorite pair of heels, but they're nowhere to be seen? Is your closet so cluttered that you can't even open the door without stuff falling out? Then it's probably time to get organized.

Need some help? Here are thirteen tips for easily organizing everything in your closet:

1. Hang favorite accessories

When it comes to organizing your hats, bags, and necklaces, hooks are your best friend. Group like items together in neat rows to quickly locate them.

2. Don't put your shoes on the floor

Keep all your footwear in cubbies or invest in a shoe rack. Be sure to organize them by color or activity, so you can quickly grab and go.

3. Keep your laundry in a hamper

Make sure to keep your laundry off the floor and in a stand-up basket. This will help prevent your closet from getting super messy.

4. Use every nook and cranny

Fill every open shelf with bins, jewelry organizers, and labeled baskets.

5. Store handbags in one spot

Your apartment is probably overrun with handbags. Keep them all in one place — your closet — using handbag hangers. You can also hang tote bags on the insider of your closet door for easier access.

6. Use labeled drawers

Add drawers to your closet if it doesn't have them. Use them to organize your garments by activity such as weekends, workouts, work, etc.

7. Divide up closet space wisely

Don't forget to leave enough space for accessories. This will ensure that they don't pile up in your closet.

8. Utilize space up top

Place storage bins with handles above your clothing rod. Store out-of-season clothes in them.

9. Hang a mirror

If you hang a mirror in your closet, you won't have to take your clothes out of your closet to examine your outfit. That means you'll be more likely to put items back in their place if they didn't make the cut.

10. Organize scarves with shower rings

Instead of using a hanger for each of your scarves, use shower rings to create individual holders for your collection.

11. Go by type

Don't organize your closet according to color — go by type to save you a lot of time.

12. Take advantage of labels

The more you take advantage of labels, the more likely you'll be able to stay organized. And you'll be less likely to place items in the wrong bins.

13. Allocate a "junk drawer"

No matter how organized you are, you'll still have items that won't have a clear home. Hang them in a "junk drawer" for your closet.

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