The new year is months old, but that doesn’t mean fashion trends have fully evolved yet. Though there are so many awesome fashion trends out there now, many should’ve never existed. If you want to look your sharpest in 2017, then avoid these fashion trends at all costs.

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans aren’t hip. They make everyone who wears them frumpy-looking. While skinny jeans are still all the rage, and for good reasons, too, mom jeans are the antithesis. Mom jeans, considered a part of normcore culture, takes irony a little too far. If you want to appear ten pounds larger than you actually are with a saggy butt and shapeless to boot, then by all means sport some mom jeans.

Lace-up Body Suits

Unless you’re going for the whole hooker vibe, then you definitely want to steer clear of this god forsaken 2017 trend. While body suits in and of themselves can be cute and fun, especially when paired with the right type of accessories, adding another layer of lace just screams cheap and desperate.

Fur Slippers

Did someone say rich, old gaudy grandma? That’s exactly the kind of message fur slippers convey. And while slippers might seem warm and cozy, they become smelly fast. It’s nearly impossible to keep them from not smelling. Just say no.

Unicorn You-Name-It

The year keeps on reigning supreme with unicorn everything. Unicorn Frappuccinos aside, we’ve seen unicorn hair, unicorn shirts, and unicorn colors. It’s time this fashion trend died. Unlike unicorns, it’s not magical. You’re not 12 years old anymore, so get over it already.

Slips over T-Shirts

This 2017 trend was resurrected from the 90s. While this rehashed trend might have seemed unique and refreshing for a minute, that minute has long passed. Choose which one you want to wear – either the slip or the t-shirt, but not both. The combination just makes you appear like an awkward, self-conscious teenager trying to hide her boobs.

Bell Sleeves

Although bell sleeves can be dramatic and flirty, they can sometimes weigh you down, and be a bit overly dramatic. If you’re looking for a slimmer and hotter image, then ditch the bell sleeves and opt for cropped ones instead. You won’t be sad.

Button Front Skirts

Although structured, button front skirts are popular, they can be a bit unflattering and difficult to match with tops and other accessories, style-wise. Instead choose A-line skirts or shorter ones that flatter your figure.

Some fashion "don’ts"

While style is unique, and in the eye of the beholder, there are some universal truths when it comes to looking your best. Avoid these fashion faux pas.

Don't sport tights as pants

It’s like wearing socks as shoes. Instead, choose black skinny jeans or pair those tights with a short dress or skirt. You want to turn heads for good reasons.

Don't wear see-through bottoms

While see-through tops can be hot and classy, see-through bottoms scream TMI. Who wants to see your underwear anyway?

Don't wear a tape dress or any garment that looks like one

Sides of dresses are there to hide important parts of your body not meant for public consumption unless you work at a strip joint. Instead wear dresses that actually have sides.

Don't wear any outfits that look like tutus

It’s certainly not age appropriate unless you’re under 10 years old.

Don’t mix pastels and neons

Only wear one hue at a time or else it can be blinding.

Don't combine oversize earrings with other accessories, such as a stand-out necklace and large rings

It’s way too much bling.

Don't shy away from mixing and matching patterns

Just be sure that they should be in the same color family. Don’t clash both patterns and colors unless you want to cause a car accident.

Don’t pair boxy jeans with baggy tops

They'll make you look way larger than you are. Instead pair boxy jeans with a slim-fitting top.


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