Ellen Kim -- you've probably seen her videos on YouTube. This rising star is a Los Angeles based choreographer who has danced for famous celebrities, including Pharrell, Beyonce, and Christina Milian. Ellen Kim has gained more than 112,000 subscribers since launching her YouTube channel in 2009. Her videos range from fun dance tutorials to catchy music video.

Want to learn more about this YouTube star? Here are 7 fun freestyle facts about Ellen Kim:

1. Madonna and the Little Mermaid are her idols

"What go me really into dancing was when I was 8 years old, and my mom had a VHS tape of Madonna's live tour, like when she had the cones." Kim explains, "I didn't know what she was doing, but I used to watch that and the Little Mermaid back-to-back. I just wanted to mimic them, and it turned into a career."

2. She got her first big break through YouTube

Kim reveals that a friend of hers uploaded a choreography video she did to YouTube ten years ago. That landed Kim her first job in 2008 teaching in Norway. Kim started uploading random videos of her dancing to YouTube, and she created her own YouTube channel called EllenKimCHEEE. It now has over 12 million views.

3. She is a jack of all trades

Kim says, "I have a lot of things I'm passionate about, so I kind of like to pick every part of that to create a video. The process in doing that is to think about the concept, write the treatment, direct it, and usually I'm in it, I dance in it, and I usually like to edit it."

4. Beauty is limitless according to her

Kim believes beauty has no boundaries and is unique to every person. She also believes it is different for every person due to their journey in life.

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5. She finds inspiration in her environment

Kim elaborates, "I am very much of an open book. I'm from San Francisco, so I'm very much of a hippie. I love my environment, and I kinda let anything inspire me. It can seriously be from usually walking and being at the park, where I get to just zone out and listen to music. That's where I think the most, and I try to think of anything and everything."

6. Her dancing has an uplifting message

Kim wants people to feel inspired by her dancing. She says, "What I want people to see with my dancing today is to be happy and in the moment. When I dance now, I can go into public and do it. If I see a smile on someone's face, that gives me a smile, and makes me realize I'm doing what I want."

7. She loves motherhood

Kim is mom to a two-year-old. She says motherhood is fun. "My daughter has taught me how to be in the moment completely true to my emotions. I think that's the best part of motherhood."

Free spirited Kim

This very talented rising YouTube star is truly an inspiration -- Kim's optimism, ambitiousness, and free spirit embody LBL's philosophy of "Live. Learn. Love. Laugh." That's why she's the perfect new member of #teamLA.

Ellen Kim