Summer is here! And with it comes fun in the sun. If you want to look your best at the beach, but you're in a time crunch, here's how to get bikini ready in less than a week.

It all begins with your diet and lifestyle

While you should ideally start getting bikini ready a few months in advance, it's never too late to change your diet and lifestyle. You can look and feel your best by incorporating healthy lifestyle changes into your daily routine:

  • Cut down on sodium. Salt is your number one enemy when it comes to bloating. Eating foods high in sodium can easily result in water weight gain of between 5 and 8 pounds. You should avoid all processed foods that are high in sodium.
  • Say no to alcohol. Drinking a lot of alcohol also contributes to bloating. Alcohol dehydrates your body, making it hold onto water.
  • Avoid carbs. Carbs can result in retaining unwanted water weight. And while you should keep carbs to a minimum, whole grain carbs that are high in fiber, like oats, quinoa, and brown rice, can actually reduce bloating.
  • Drink more water. Yes, it might sound counterintuitive. But drinking lots of water actually helps to flush out excess water, eliminating bloat. Plus staying hydrated will rev up your metabolism.
  • Hit up the gym. This one's a no-brainer. Regular cardio exercise gets your blood flowing and metabolism churning, helping you look and feel your best.
  • Take a probiotic. Probiotics help reduce bloating and excess gas, making you automatically look slimmer.
  • Stick with lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Slimming down and reducing bloat all come down to eating lots of lean proteins along with fresh fruits and vegetables. You should avoid refined carbs and sugars, and saturated fats.
  • Sleep more. Lack of sleep not only slows down your metabolism but also increases hunger. Aim to sleep between seven and nine hours each night to ensure your body is running smoothly.

Though implementing these healthy changes a week before a big beach trip might not lead to drastic results, you'll definitely get rid of any water weight and excess bloat.

...Don't forget about your skin

Eliminating excess bloat is just half the battle when it comes to getting bikini ready fast. The other half is prepping your skin. Follow these tips to achieve smooth, bronzed and gleaming all over skin:

  • Plan hair removal. You'll want smooth legs and underarms and a flawless bikini line to confidently rock a bikini. Remove hair the day before you plan on wearing swimwear to give your skin some downtime. If you're looking to undergo more permanent hair removal, such as laser hair removal, you'll need to plan it a few months in advance.
  • Get a good shave. If you're opting to shave off body hair, then you'll want to start each shaving session with a hot shower. It'll soften your hair so it's easier to remove. To achieve extra silky results, first, exfoliate your skin with a gentle body scrub. Then apply a moisturizing cream and use a fresh four-blade razor to remove hair.
  • Soften your skin. The number one way to make your skin look and feel softer is to exfoliate, which removes dead skin cells. Use a gentle body scrub every day, focusing on extra-rough areas such as the elbows and feet.
  • Use self-tanners. Never actually tan in the sun, which causes premature aging and increases your risk for skin cancer. Instead, apply a self-tanner to achieve a bronzed look. You can use a gradual self-tanner that will peak within five-to-seven days after use.
  • Get a sun-kissed look. You can easily achieve a sun-kissed look by combining bronzer with self-tanner. Begin with a lotion that's formulated for your skin tone. Then gently dust some matte bronzer over areas of your face that the sun naturally hits, like your chin, forehead, and cheeks.
  • Prime your feet. Don't neglect your feet when getting bikini ready. For extra soft feet, let your feet soak in a basin filled with equal parts warm water and milk. The lactic acid naturally found in milk dissolves dead skin cells. Then buff away any callouses and rough spots with a pumice stone. Lastly, paint your nails.
  • Combat body acne. It's not uncommon for blemishes to crop up on your chest, back, and shoulders. You can combat body blemishes by using a body wash that contains salicylic acid. After showering, you can spot treat any blemishes with tea tree oil.

Come on in, the water's fine!

When it comes to getting bikini ready in less than a week, your focus should be on eliminating bloat and priming your skin. Remember to stay hydrated, eat healthily, and take the time to remove unwanted hair and tan your skin using a self-tanner. You'll be the hottest chick at the beach!

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