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No relationship is ever 100% perfect -- every relationship has its ups and downs. That's just par for the course. But some relationships are healthier than others. Want to know if your relationship is destined to succeed or fail? Here are 10 telltale signs of a successful long-term relationship:

You have enough space

1. You have enough space

Personal space is important for any relationship to thrive. Just because you love and care about one another doesn't mean you have to spend every waking moment together. You should take the time to hang out with friends outside of your relationship and/or pursue your own passions and interests.

You sometimes disagree

2. You sometimes disagree

Disagreements are natural in any type of relationship. However, what separates a healthy relationship from an unhealthy one is how you process disagreements. People in healthy relationships avoid putdowns or name-calling. They also try to understand the other person's perspective. And healthy couples are able to apologize to one another when there's been a misunderstanding.

You're affectionate with each other

3. You're affectionate with each other

Contrary to popular belief, sex isn't the only way couples connect with one another. In fact, couples in healthy relationships physically connect outside of the bedroom by hugging and kissing each other often as well as holding hands.

You make decisions together

4. You make decisions together

Part of being in a relationship is considering your partner's thoughts and feelings when making decisions. This means it's crucial that you both consult with one another when it comes to big decisions and future plans. You should also consider how your actions might affect your partner. Remember that being in a relationship is like being part of a team.

You trust each other

5. You trust each other

You might have heard countless times that trust is an essential building block of a healthy relationship, and it's true. If you can't trust your significant other, then your relationship will fall apart. Similarly, you should treat your partner with love, respect, and kindness.

You work together

6. You work together

Healthy couples share responsibilities together, such as taking care of pets, plants, or children. They also split up household chores -- one partner might do the cooking and grocery shopping one week while another might do the cleaning and laundry. Splitting up chores fairly means that no one in the relationship feels like they're doing everything.

You communicate openly

7. You communicate openly

Communication, alongside trust, is another essential element of a healthy relationship. Partners in healthy relationships feel as though they can freely express their feelings and what's on their mind in a respectful, considerate way. No one is a relationship should ever feel like they can't talk to their partner about anything.

You don't hold grudges

8. You don't hold grudges

Because all relationships have their ups and downs, and sometimes your significant other will say things they don't actually mean, it's important that you're able to let things go. Healthy couples are able to not hold grudges against each other and to move on from fights.

Sex isn't a chore

9. Sex isn't a chore

Sometimes when you're in a long-term relationship, sex can become dull and boring. But couples in healthy relationships make an effort to spice up their sex lives. This could mean trying out different positions or going on a romantic getaway. Whatever you do, ensure that sex with your partner doesn't feel like a chore.

You balance each other

10. You balance each other

It's true -- opposites do attract. Couples in successful, healthy relationships tend to balance one another out. This means if one partner feels anxious, the other one remains calm. It's crucial that your partner helps you feel grounded. But ultimately it's important that both of you share core values while still having enough differences to keep things interesting.

When you know, you know

Sometimes you just know when you've found the one. But it's important to remember that successful long-term relationships do require dedication and hard work. Always look for qualities that you admire in your partner, and work on relationship issues together. Afterall, couples who grow together, stay together.


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