You've probably heard of Tinder by now -- it's one of the most popular free mobile-based dating apps around. Why? Because of its usability. Tinder is location-based, and all users have to do is swipe right if they like another user's profile or swipe left if they don't. If both users swipe right on each other, then it's considered a match.

Though Tinder has a reputation for being the ultimate "hookup" app, many users have found meaningful relationships through it. Some of the pros of using Tinder include:

  • It's easy to use. You just download the app to your phone, and create an account in seconds using your Facebook profile.
  • You're able to see if you and a potential match have mutual friends in common, since Tinder is linked to your Facebook account.
  • You don't have to fill out any questionnaires. All you have to do is choose pictures from your Facebook profile and write a brief summary about yourself.
  • You only view profiles of people who are nearby.

Tinder does have some downsides, such as:

  • The app is mostly based on photos -- you don't know a whole lot about potential matches.
  • You'll receive tons of requests for casual sex.
  • There are lots of bots on the app.
  • People just visiting your city will appear in your search, since it's location-based.
  • It's mainly designed for casual dating.

Despite the drawbacks of Tinder, most women can meet their ideal match as long as they are aware of common strategies men use to grab their attention. Here are 5 Tinder tricks men use that every girl should watch out for:

1. You notice their Tinder profile is lacking in substance

A lot of men will try to grab a woman's attention on Tinder by keeping their profile short. They think that, by avoiding lengthy narratives, you'll find them to be more mysterious.

2. They mention flaws in their profile

Men try to reel women in by mentioning some of their flaws upfront. Why? Because men think that'll make them sound unique. Men also believe that, by revealing their flaws, you'll find them more endearing and trustworthy.

3. Their profile ends with a way for you to strike up a conversation

Men want as many women as possible to message them. Men will often mention things to ask them about in their profile, giving you an easy in. For example, a man might say, "One time I almost died skydiving -- you should ask me about that."

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4. They message you at specific times

Dating experts agree that the best times to message women on Tinder are during the week in the evening and on the weekends beginning in the afternoon. Don't be surprised if your inbox fills up during these times. Men usually try to schedule dates on Sunday afternoons because they think women don't feel as busy, so they are more likely to say yes to meeting up.

5. They pressure you to meet up right away

Men on Tinder realize that, as a woman, you probably receive hundreds of messages a week. They are eager to meet you as soon as possible because they are afraid you'll agree to go on dates with other dudes. Don't be surprised if a lot of your matches pressure you to meet in-person after only messaging for a day or two.

When it comes to online dating, Tinder is a numbers game for most men. This means they'll swipe right on every girl, and send out mass messages until they get a few replies. But, as a woman, you can increase your chances of finding a lasting relationship by following these simple tips:

  • Choose your pictures wisely. Since Tinder is mainly photo-based, you should pick photos that accurately represent who you actually are. You should avoid using filters on your photos, and you should also upload a few pictures of yourself without makeup.
  • Tell stories. Use your profile to showcase stories that illustrate your positive qualities. For instance, if you have a good sense of humor, tell a story about something funny that recently happened to you.
  • Ask a potential match about his passions. Once you start talking to a guy on Tinder, you should find out what he's passionate about. This is a great way to gauge if you're compatible.
  • Message him first. If a guy piques your interest, don't wait for him to message you. Research shows that women who message men first are more likely to develop long term relationships.

Swipe Right to Love

Finding long term relationship material on Tinder can be challenging. But if you're aware of the tricks guys try to pull to land girls on there, then you can weed the bad ones out. Remember that you should get to know a potential match super well before agreeing to go on a first date. Follow the above tips, and you'll be well on your way to finding the right guy.


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