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10 Unmistakable Male Gay Flirting Signs

How to tell if a gay guy likes you

He loves me, he loves me not … Take the guesswork out of romance, fellas! Flirting may feel like second nature for many, but how can you tell if he’s really flirting or just being nice? When you feel a connection, does he want to want to be friends or something more? Here are ten ways you can tell that a man is feelin’ you:

1. He gives you a nickname

Men will often give nicknames to other male friends when they’ve done something memorable. But if your love interest randomly gives you a nickname for no reason, then he’s making a point of what a special person you are, indicating that your relationship is special, too. Plus, by giving you a nickname, it’s another way to playfully flirt with you.

2. He pays you special attention

The easiest way to tell if a guy is into you, is if he treats you differently than other men. Many gay men may feel the need to tone down their feelings until they know it’s safe to express them. But once he feels comfortable around you, you might notice that he touches you more often than other men, engages more with you, and gets nervous more easily around you than other men. If you notice that he acts totally differently around you compared with other people, then this means he probably digs you.

3. He gets nervous around you

Do you notice if your potential love interest gets sweaty palms, laughs awkwardly, or has difficulties speaking whenever he’s around you? If so, then these are all signs of nervousness, which means he digs you. He’s probably nervous about making a good impression, so he’s trying extra hard to impress you and gauge your response.

4. He enters your personal space

If you find him deliberately inching closer to you on your date, then he’s trying to signal that he’s into you. But, let him make the first move before you reciprocate, just so you can know that you aren’t reading his signals wrong. A lot of people may get annoyed if someone they’re not interested invades their personal space. Another sign that he’s interested in you is if he starts touching you, such as brushing his hand against yours, putting his hands on your shoulders, or hugging you. When he touches you, this means he’s testing how you’re reacting to his advances.

5. He reveals things about himself

If the conversation is going well, chances are he’ll start revealing more about himself to you. This signals that he’s interested. While conversing, he should be offering up the same level of information about himself as you are to him. Ultimately, sharing things with one another increases the feeling of intimacy.

6. He tries to make you laugh

If your love interest is constantly trying to make you laugh, this indicates he’s flirting with you. It’s also a great sign — as someone who makes you laugh is likely smart and witty, which will keep you on your toes. Being with them should be like a game of ping-pong, seeing who can make the other laugh more. Similarly, if he constantly laughs at your jokes, even if they’re not that funny, that’s a sure sign he’s romantically interested.

7. He wants to get to know you

Most guys don’t ask a lot of questions or try to get to know someone if they’re not interested romantically. If your love interest asks questions about your hobbies, job, friends, family, and feelings, then this signals he’s trying to get to know you on a deeper level, which means he’s into you.

8. He mirrors your body language

If you’re on a date, and a guy mimics the gestures you’re making — you touch your face and he touches his immediately afterwards, for example — then this definitely means he’s into you. Mirroring one another builds trust and understanding quickly. So it’s definitely a good sign.

9. He smiles

While platonic friends smile at each other often, if the dude you’re into makes a lot of prolonged eye contact while smiling, then this indicates you’ve caught his attention. If you find your love interest also glancing at you meaningfully, then he’s completely into you.

10. He maintains eye contact

Eye contact is the most powerful means of communication, and it can convey interest. In fact, staring deeply into a partner’s eyes is known to create (and even rekindle!) feelings of love. If you notice him glancing and catching your eye again shortly afterward, this suggests that he’s interested.

Knowledge is power

Let’s face it: Dating can be tough. And making matters worse is that fact that men often send mixed signals. Unscrambling these signals can give help you to confidently date and determine who’s really interested.


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