How to adapt to change

This has been a challenging year for almost everyone. 2020 has not only brought a pandemic and civil unrest, but there's also a major presidential election looming. Change is already hard, but this year has really compounded everything. Luckily, celebrity psychologist, motivational speaker, life coach, and President of the NAACP (branch #1069), Dr. Cheyenne Bryant, is ready to help. Here are her three expert tips on how to adapt to change:

1. Focus on the positives

Try to focus on the positives that come with change. It isn't always easy when things are constantly shifting, but it's essential to adapt in a healthy way to change. Examples include support systems like friends and family, being able to enjoy nature and pets.

2. Trust the process

Trust that things won't always look so grim. What might look bad from the outside is actually meant for good. For instance, losing a job could mean that you stumble upon a better job opportunity. Or after ending a relationship, you might find someone else who you click better with. Have faith, hope, and belief that things will get better.

3. Be easy on yourself

Change isn't easy, especially in 2020. Don't be hard on yourself. If you're not feeling good about things going on in the world or your life, don't isolate. Allow people to support you and be there for you. It's also important that you give yourself permission to not be okay sometimes.

Remember to ask yourself: What can you do right now to make yourself feel happier?

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