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How To Find Mr. Right

When you reach your late 20s and beyond, there comes a time when you start to take dating more seriously. You might begin to think about setting down with someone for the long-haul. But it's hard to know if the guy you're currently dating is Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now. Here are six crucial differences between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now:

1. Mr. Right makes you happy, but Mr. Right Now doesn't

Mr. Right makes you truly happy from the bottom of your heart. Whenever you see a text pop up from him, you feel super giddy and excited. Even years into the relationship, you still feel passionate. But, with Mr. Right Now, you feel "whatever" about him. He's fun to hang out with, but you don't feel a strong emotional connection.

2. Mr. Right inspires you to be a better person, but Mr. Right Now doesn't see your potential

Mr. Right realizes your full potential, and he pushes you to be your best self. Mr. Right believes in you, and cheers you on. With Mr. Right Now, he doesn't challenge you at all -- he lets you be comfortable in your own skin. As a result, you never feel motivated to make positive changes.

3. Mr. Right makes you completely forget about your ex, but Mr. Right Now doesn't

Mr. Right is so great that there's no comparing your ex to him. In fact, he makes you completely forget about your ex. But, you're probably with Mr. Right Now because he was the rebound guy after you split with your ex. You're always comparing him to your ex to reassure yourself you're with the right person, but you're not.

4. Mr. Right showed up unexpectedly, but you needed Mr. Right Now

Your relationship with Mr. Right just sort of happened. But, you actively pursued Mr. Right Now. It felt forced, and you were trying to get over your ex.

5. Mr. Right takes care of you, but Mr. Right Now needs you to take care of him

You can always depend on Mr. Right to be there for you no matter what. But, Mr. Right Now is the kind of guy who needs you to take care of him, and you can't rely on him to be there for you.

6. Mr. Right is worth the fight, but Mr. Right Now isn't

No matter what happens in your relationship, Mr. Right is worth sticking around, but Mr. Right Now isn't.

You deserve Mr. Right

Rather than wasting your time dating guys who don't do it for you, focus on finding Mr. Right. Create a list of your ideal match's qualities along with dealbreakers -- this will help you date higher quality people that are more compatible with you long-term.


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