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7 Types of People You Should Avoid Dating At All Costs

Who not to date if you want a healthy relationship

Everyone wants to find an incredible partner. But as the saying goes, sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince. To make it easier for you, here are seven types of people you should avoid dating at all costs:

1. Someone fresh out of a relationship

This person just got out of a long-term relationship. But just because they’re out dating, doesn’t mean they’re actually ready. Usually, when someone jumps into a new relationship after getting out of a long-term one, it’s just a rebound that won’t last. You should make sure whoever you’re dating has had time to be single and grow as a person.

2. Someone with a bad temper

This person overreacts and gets upset easily, which is a huge red flag. It’s important that any potential romantic partner responds appropriately to something. But you definitely want to stay away from people who get super angry — they’ll eventually direct that anger toward you.

3. Someone materialistic

There’s nothing worse than someone who’s super into money and success. While it’s great to be ambitious, workaholics usually don’t have time for serious relationships. If their identity is only tied to their career and how much money they’re making, that’s an issue, too. It’s important that the person you’re dating is multifaceted  they should have a life outside of their job, and they should be able to make time for you.

4. Someone with ulterior motives

Maybe they say they want a long-term relationship, but really they’re just looking for a fling. You have to be careful because some people will say and do anything just to get what they want. It’s crucial that you ask your date a lot of questions, including what type of relationship they’re looking for. If it seems like they’re out of alignment or have different intentions, you should stay far away from them.

5. They lack ambition

Anyone who doesn’t want to improve their life is not the person for you. If you notice your date isn’t very motivated and doesn’t take responsibility for their actions, this is a huge red flag. If someone isn’t motivated in life, they certainly won’t be motivated enough to put in the effort to maintain a serious relationship.

6. They’re too attached to their family

While there’s nothing wrong with dating someone who’s family-oriented, if they’re too dependent on them financially and emotionally, that’s definitely a bad sign. This demonstrates that they may be unable to maintain relationships with healthy boundaries. Instead of feeling like this person’s girlfriend, you could end up playing more of a mother role in their life. Who wants that?

7. They’re a narcissist

Sometimes it’s hard spotting a narcissist. This is because narcissists often shower you with compliments and gifts in the beginning stages of dating to get you to appreciate them more. Since the world revolves around narcissists, there’s literally no room for you in the picture. Your emotional and physical needs will never be attended to, and you’ll end up feeling underappreciated and undervalued.

Date the right person

The quest to find true love isn’t easy  but remember to hold out for the right person. While dating around, always listen to your instincts, and if you spot any red flags, run for the hills.

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