3 tips for spending the holidays apart from your family

With the pandemic at an all-time high and the holidays right around the corner, many people cannot spend Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year's with their families in-person. Indeed, 2020 has been a distinct year marked by social distancing and isolation. But, just because you can't physically spend time with others doesn't mean that you're all alone.

Celebrity psychologist, motivational speaker, life coach, and President of the NAACP (branch #1069), Dr. Cheyenne Bryant, shares her expert tips for staying connected with loved ones, such as friends and family, during the holidays when you can't see each other in person:

1. Connect virtually

The good thing about 2020 is that there are so many ways to connect virtually, such as FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Cisco Webex. Instead of celebrating the holidays together with loved ones in-person, host a virtual potluck, attend a virtual happy hour, or even watch movies together through Netflix Party. If you have certain family traditions, you can even do those virtually, too. Don't be afraid to get a little creative this year.

2. Create a holiday text list

What's a holiday text list? It's a complete list of everyone you'd like to text during the holidays, such as coworkers, friends, and family. Reach out to each person on that list individually, and let them know you've been thinking about them. You'll get to feel all the love, connection, and nurture when they text back. Even when you're physically apart, the love is still there.

3. Enjoy yourself

Just because you're by yourself doesn't mean that you can't enjoy your own company. You can do so many things, including playing Christmas carols, watching holiday movies, and baking. Do whatever helps you get into that playful and fun mindset. Be sure to pamper and shower yourself with compassion and love.

Remember that you have to do your part to stop the spread of covid-19, which means spending the holidays apart from friends and family this year. There are many ways to still connect with others, though, such as phone calls, video chats, and texting.

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