Breast Cancer
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A Nurse Practitioner Shares Six Life Hacks For How She Survived Breast Cancer

Six life hacks for surviving breast cancer

Board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner Morgan Wolf (aka Nurse Morgan) is the Vice President of Clinical Operations at LaserAway, overseeing the team of Regional Clinical Directors company-wide. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, LaserAway has officially partnered up with the American Cancer Society and has proudly appointed Nurse Morgan as a brand ambassador. As someone who has gone through breast cancer herself, this means a lot to Nurse Morgan. As she is approaching her five-year milestone since being diagnosed with breast cancer, Nurse Morgan wants to share her top six life hacks that helped her survive breast cancer diagnosis:

1. Stay informed

One of the most challenging parts of going through breast cancer is the mental anguish. But, doing your research beforehand, like the type of diagnosis you have, the stage your cancer is in, your treatment plan, and any side effects you might experience, can mentally prepare you for what you’ll be facing. The more educated you are about your cancer, the more you can regain a sense of control in your life during a time when things can feel very much out of control.

2. Keep doing you

Just because you have breast cancer doesn’t mean you can’t have moments of relief and enjoyment. While some activities you might need to scale back on, focus on those that really recharge your emotional and mental batteries. If you like just to chill and watch Netflix — do that! Whatever it is that you enjoyed before you were diagnosed with breast cancer, keep doing it! Maintaining some sense of normalcy can help alleviate the heaviness.

3. Get your comfort on

The reality is that you’ll experience some days where you have no energy to get out of bed. When this happens, you may as well be as comfortable as you possibly can. This could mean wearing sweatpants, using a heating pad, or cozying up to a body pillow. Whatever it is that can make you feel a little better — do it.

4. Rock your look

One of the hardest things for many women about to go through chemotherapy is the reality that they will lose their hair. But, this can also be an opportunity to try new looks and have fun with it, such as different wigs. If a wig isn’t for you, there are tons of other options, such as scarves, hats, or even nothing at all. Do whatever make you feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful in your own skin.

5. Connect with survivors

Talking and connecting with others who have the same shared experience can help you feel less alone. And connecting with another survivor allows you to discuss things firsthand, like what chemo is like or what to expect during or after surgery. You can even ask others what has helped them along the way. Most importantly, these connections can make you feel really believed and validated. Remember that you’re not alone!

6. Stay positive

It sounds cliché, but a positive attitude truly goes a long way. This isn’t to say that you won’t experience ups and downs — that’s only par for the course. But, knowledge is power, and knowing the facts about surviving breast cancer can help you to take better care of yourself with information that could make all the difference.

Keep in mind that every journey is different, so it’s important to find what works best for you. For more breast cancer resources, make sure to visit the American Cancer Society’s website. Stay strong, fight hard, and know that you’re not alone.

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