5 tips for getting rid of maskne

Yes, we are in the middle of a pandemic, and wearing masks is essential to curb the spread of Covid-19. The problem for some, though, is that wearing a mask for an extended period of time leads to redness, irritation, inflammation, and even acne. Luckily, there's a lot you can do to reduce the appearance of blemishes due to wearing a mask. Camille Morgen, Director of Skincare at LaserAway, shares her top five tips to get rid of maskne for good:

1. Boost your cleansing routine

Most people cleanse their skin twice a day. However, if you battle breakouts regularly, you should increase the frequency — for some, this might mean adding another cleanse to their routine, such as in the afternoon or after working out. The key is to use a cleanser that's not going to strip your skin of its natural oils, such as LaserAway Beauty Come Clean Purifying Face Wash.

2. Moisturize before masking

It's so important to moisturize before putting your mask on because it can help prevent irritation, redness, and inflammation. LaserAway Beauty's Drenched Peptide Enriched Moisturizer delivers time-released hydration that strengthens the skin barrier. If you're prone to breakouts, in particular, using a moisturizer containing salicylic acid or tea tree oil can help alleviate or prevent breakouts.

3. Avoid makeup

Makeup is already terrible for those that suffer from acne. Putting a mask on top of makeup only exacerbates these issues by trapping dirt, bacteria, and oils for hours on end. Plus, when you're wearing a mask, it covers most of your face. You really don't want to be removing your mask, so there's no real advantage to wearing makeup.

4. Choose your mask wisely

There's a ton of masks on the market, but not all are created equally. If you're prone to breakouts, look for a mask that is comfortable and not too tight. Synthetic fibers can also be harsh on the skin, so be sure to wear a mask made from cotton, which is less irritating and allows the skin to breathe.

5. Refresh your mask

Masks can easily collect oil and bacteria throughout the day, which can flare acne and other skin conditions. By swapping out your mask a couple of times a day, this will limit the amount of oil and bacteria sitting on your skin. Store some extra masks in your purse, car, and office space.

Have more questions about skincare or LaserAway Beauty products? Please reach out to Camille by emailing products@laseraway.net.