11 things you should know before you get Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal (LHR) continues to gain popularity, mostly because it's one of the only minimally invasive procedures available that results in permanent hair reduction and is safe and effective on almost any part of the body.

Interested in getting laser hair removal? Dr. Will Kirby, celebrity dermatologist and Chief Medical Officer of LaserAway, is here to tell you everything you need to know:

1. Laser hair removal is effective almost anywhere on the body

The most popular location for laser hair removal is the underarms, but this amazing treatment can also be performed almost anywhere on the body, including the bikini line, back, chest, arms, legs, face, and even genital area.

2. Laser hair removal can be performed on all skin types

Laser hair removal used to only be safe for those with fairer skin types, but modern laser hair removal technology—specifically the Nd:YAG laser—has changed things, opening the door for those of with more melanin to go hair-free. One of the most advanced lasers on the market, the Cynosure Apogee Elite, utilizes dual wavelength technology to treat all different skin types, from fair to dark.

3. Laser hair removal isn't effective on red hair

Laser hair removal works best on dark, coarse hair, and some hair can't be removed. This includes grey hair, very blonde hair, ultra-fine hair, and red hair. Since laser hair removal targets the pigment in the hair, that's why it isn't effective on certain hair colors.

4. Pale is the new tan

You should be as close to your normal complexion as possible before getting laser hair removal. If you have a spray tan, a regular tan, or even a sunburn, you'll need to reschedule for at least two weeks out.

5. Multiple treatments are required

It will take multiple treatments to target all of your hair. Most patients require an average of seven-to-nine treatments to reduce hair by up to 80%, depending on the area being treated.

6. All laser hair removal technology isn't created equal

15-20 years ago, laser hair removal technology wasn't that great. But, around 10 years ago, there was a big jump in technology, and now there are laser wavelengths that are very safe for all skin tones and types. Laser hair removal also used to be more painful but is now very tolerable due to advancements in technology.

If you're getting LHR treatments, you want to make sure that the technology being used is a long-pulsed 1064-nanometer or 755-nanometer wavelength of light. The gold standard for LHR is the Cynosure Elite that features both the 755 and 1064-nanometer wavelengths.

7. Laser hair removal isn't that painful

Everyone has a different threshold for pain. However, most patients note that laser hair removal is uncomfortable but tolerable. Many medical professionals, such as the staff at LaserAway, use ice packs to help with discomfort.


8. Touch-ups are recommended

While most patients achieve 80% reduction with laser hair removal, some will experience a little bit of regrowth slowly over time. If that's the case, you may need a maintenance treatment once a year.

9. Disclose medications

When you go for your laser hair removal consultation, be sure to disclose all medications you're currently taking. This is because some medications can be photosensitizing, which means you could be more sensitive to the light used in LHR.

10. Aftercare matters

Once you go home after your laser hair removal treatment, it's crucial to follow all aftercare instructions to a tee. Be sure to keep an eye out for any signs of infection, and alert your medical provider right away if you notice anything unusual.

11. Laser hair removal is affordable

Laser hair removal is surprisingly affordable. This is especially true considering that the average woman spends approximately $10,000 on shaving products, not to mention the time it takes to shave regularly.

Schedule your LHR treatments now

Winter is the perfect time to get started with laser hair removal treatments so that you'll have silky smooth skin when summer rolls around. Be sure to go somewhere with a great reputation and years of experience in performing laser hair removal treatments, such as LaserAway, the nation's leader in aesthetic dermatology.

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