Are you ready for some autumn awesomeness? If you are, here are ten must-have accessories for fall 2017.

1. Hats

This fall, hats make for instant pizzazz. The more creative your hat is, the better. Think bold colors such as bright blues and reds as well as more subdued colors such as off whites. And fabric is just as important. Think feathers, leather, and fur. Whatever hat you choose to go with your outfit, you'll stand out in a crowd.

2. Puffy Fur Accessories

This fall, it's all about puffy fur accessories — think bags and shoes accented with tufts of fur. There are even fur-lined Crocs. Channel your inner Siberian princess, and choose fur accessories in a wide variety of colors, such as blood red, pale pink, and dark brown.

3. Glitzy Heels

"Don't let your footwear serve as an afterthought," warns Vogue.When it comes to shoes this fall, glitzy heels are where it's at. Not only are heels classic, with some glitz added; they've become glamorous. Search for heels with rhinestones and glitter embellishments, especially in black, off white, and silver.

4. Platform shoes

If pumps aren’t your thing, platform shoes are also making a comeback this year — especially those which are lined with fur. And they’re more dramatic than ever. Some of them have black and white stripes, and some are pretty tall.

5. Bold Earrings

Earrings rule this fall when it comes to accessorizing. You'll want to search for artfully shaped earrings that are big, bold, and colorful. Think hoops, rhinestones, and crystals: the bigger and bolder, the better.

6. Tiny Purses

Your smartphone might be getting larger, but handbags are getting smaller. Miniature purses are in this fall. Think mini purses the size of a wallet that you can either sling around your shoulders or clasp in your hands. In terms of colors and fabrics, anything goes.

7. Androgynous Western lace-ups

If you’re a tomboy at heart, and you aren’t into all the glitzy heels and work boots that are hot this fall, then you’re in luck; western-inspired tomboy lace-ups in bold colors are also making a comeback. "A pair of androgynous lace ups in monochrome are a cool way to carry you through from morning to eve," reports. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to lace-ups, but the latest fall trends feature those that are western-inspired with fur lining and glitter.

8. Proper Purses

Structured bags are big this season, especially those that are practical. Think large handbags made from leather and suede with unique designs such as butterflies and chains and that come in bold colors, such as orange, blue, and red.

9. Western and Work Boots

Western and work boots are all the rage this fall, and they’ll allow you to show off your inner fashion warrior. POPSUGAR notes that work boots are "super durable and will keep you dry and comfy, to get you through the most rigorous weather unfriendly days." From black leather with studs to white leather, the options are limitless. Best of all, western and work boots are both fun and functional.

10. Edgy, Boxy Bags

This fall, it’s all about being unique in terms of your fashion sense. A chain accoutrement combined with a boxy structure is in store for fall’s edgiest bags. Whether you’re into tan bags or black leather ones, large boxy handbags will really make you stand out in a crowd.

Step into fall with flair

What better way to kick off fall than by sprucing up your appearance and indulging yourself? Kids get candy at Halloween after all — so why can’t adults buy some fabulous accessories? Autumn’s the perfect time to show some self-love, especially if you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe! This fall, fashion accessories are all about keeping it casual and off-beat.

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