ugly christmas sweaterWinter is in full swing, which means it's time to whip out that ugly sweater to wear to all your upcoming holiday parties! Need some inspiration? Here are five DIY ugly holiday sweaters (that are actually pretty cute):

1. Wine to-go

To create this super easy and funny ugly holiday sweater, hot-glue a stocking onto a green or red sweater, and you've got a built-in pocket for your favorite beverage.

2. Christmas tree

If you need an ugly holiday sweater in a pinch, this design is just for you. Take a plain green sweater, and hot glue some tinsel all over it. Then, stick some small plastic sparkly ornaments all over the tinsel. Your look is complete in under ten minutes.

3. Silly reindeer

For this ugly sweater, you'll need iron-on transfer paper, fabric, paper, a pencil, a button, and a sweatshirt. Choose a reindeer design that you like, and then trace it on thick paper. Fuse a piece of fabric to the iron-on transfer paper by placing the transfer paper shiny side against the wrong side of the fabric. Trace your design on the back of your fabric and make sure it's backward. Cut out your design. Peel off the paper and iron it to your sweatshirt. Sew on a button where the nose should be, and your look is complete!

4. Ornaments

This gaudy ornament sweater is sure to be the life of any holiday party you go to! To create this sweater, you'll need a pullover sweatshirt, fabric glue, sequined ornament patches, gold tinsel yarn, and scissors. You'll want to plan out your design with yarn and ornament patches, then glue down the yarn and patches. Be sure to trim off the excess yarn and glue the ends down. Let dry overnight, and your sweater is ready to wear!

5. Holiday lights

To create this sweater, all you need is a white sweater, a black permanent marker, and glitter iron-on transfer sheets. Draw the cord on using the marker, and then design a light bulb template, cut it out, and trace it on the glitter sheets. Place the glitter bulbs on the cord and iron them on. Fill in the space between the bulbs and the string with the black sharpie marker.

Be the center of attention this holiday season

The holiday season is all about ugly sweaters! Be the center of attention at every holiday party you go to this year by creating an ugly sweater that stands out from the crowd. You can't go wrong with any of the above designs!

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