Winter is here, and that means it's time to flaunt your ugly Christmas sweater. Instead of borrowing grandma's Christmas sweater this year, why not make your own ugly sweater? Here are 6 ugly Christmas sweater ideas that'll make all your friends and family scream with laughter:

1. Gaudy Bow Sweater

Crunched for time? To create this super easy, quick ugly Christmas sweater, simply find a bright green plain sweater. Then buy a large, sparkly red Christmas tree bow. Sew the bow onto the middle front of your sweater, and you're done!

2. Christmas Tree Sweater

This ugly Christmas tree sweater is a little bit more involved, but it's worth the extra effort. You'll need a plain dark green sweater, mini battery-operated Christmas lights, green garland, a small bow, mini bulbs in assorted colors, hot glue, and safety pins. Create the widest part of the Christmas tree at the bottom of your sweater using the garland, and hot glue it on there. Zig zag the garland all the way up to the top of the sweater, hot gluing it to the sweater, so that it forms the shape of a Christmas tree. Then use safety pins to attach the lights to the garland. The battery pack should be at the bottom of the sweater, so you can easily hide it in a pocket. Finally, hot glue the bulbs on the garland, and attach a bow to the top of the tree using a safety pin.

3. Garland Ornament Sweater

To make this festive, simple sweater, you'll need a plain green or red sweater, some garland in different colors, and a sewing kit. Cut the garland into six, eight, and ten inch pieces. Then create circles that resemble round ornaments, and sew each garland bulb onto the front of your sweater until it's completely covered.

4. Christmas Stocking Sweater

This is probably the easiest ugly Christmas sweater you'll ever make. All you need is a Christmas stocking, hot glue, and a plain sweater. Hot glue the stocking onto the front of the sweater, and your ugly Christmas sweater is complete.


5. Snowman Face Sweater

To create this sweater, you'll need some black and orange felt sheets, a plain white sweater, a pair of scissors, and some fabric glue. Using the black felt sheet, cut out two round circles three inches in circumference. This will be the snowman's eyes. Then cut out six small circles one inch in circumference, which will form the snowman's mouth. Finally, cut out an eight-inch cone shape using the orange felt sheet. This will serve as the snowman's nose. Arrange the eyes, nose, and mouth on the front of the sweater, and glue each piece on.

6. Christmas Tie Sweater

This is the creme de la creme of ugly Christmas sweaters. You'll need a plain red sweater, five holiday ties, some colorful buttons, fabric adhesive, fabric tape, and a pair of scissors. To start, lay the ties vertically on top of the sweater, and cut them to form a Christmas tree shape. Then place the adhesive tape on the back of each tie, and apply the ties to the sweater. Create a bow using one of the tie scraps, and tape it to the sweater at the top of the tree. Using the adhesive glue, randomly glue the buttons all over the tie tree to finish the look.

Celebrate the holidays in (dis)tasteful style

Nothing says the holidays like an ugly Christmas sweater. No matter which ugly Christmas sweater design you choose, you'll surely be the center of attention among your coworkers, friends, and family. Spread the cheer!


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