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Cute Couple Poses For Instagram

There's no better place to flaunt your love for someone than on Instagram! And since Valentine's Day is soon, now is the time to start posting pics of you with your SO. Need inspiration? Here are 8 ultra-cute Instagram couple poses:

Kissing against a stunning backdrop

1. Kissing against a stunning backdrop

Nothing grabs attention on Instagram more than you and your beau kissing against a stunning backdrop. Some ideas for stellar backdrops include waterfalls, forests, sunsets, and beaches. You can make the picture more dramatic by leaping into your lover's arms as part of the pose.

Playfully teasing each other

2. Playfully teasing each other

You can take a powerful couple pose by simply playfully teasing one another. Jump on your partner while in bed and stroke his face, or play with pillows. This pose gives you the opportunity to showcase your cute, fun side.

Holding hands

3. Holding hands

If you really want a classic romantic shot, then snap a pic of a closeup of you and your boo holding hands. It can be anywhere from holding hands while driving to holding hands while walking to holding hands while drinking coffee together. The possibilities are limitless.

Showing off your athletic side

4. Showing off your athletic side

Are you and your SO big on exercise and fitness? Then capture a picture of you two running or swimming together. Better yet, you both can show off your flexible side by snapping pics of you two doing yoga or rock climbing side by side.


5. Cuddling

Want to really highlight your love for one another? Then take a few cute pictures of your SO hugging you, or cuddling in bed together. It'll make for the perfect Valentine's Day shot.

Kissing on the cheeks

6. Kissing on the cheeks

Capture a super cute Instagram pic of you kissing your partner on the cheeks. It can be up-close or a little further away so others can see the background. Kiss each other on the cheeks during a romantic candlelit dinner, or while just hanging out at the pool.

Hanging outdoors

7. Hanging outdoors

Snap some casual photos of you and your boo hanging out on the beach, by the pool, or in a hot tub. Try sporting matching sunglasses, and take a few pics of you making silly faces together.

All dressed up

8. All dressed up

Are you the ultimate power couple? Then take some pics of you two all dressed up and walking around the city. This will give both of you a celebrity vibe.


Up your Instagram game by following these tips...

Choosing the right pose is half the battle to achieving an ultra adorable Instagram couple pic. The other half boils down to technical stuff, such as lighting, angles, and filters:

  • Lighting is essential. Ideally, you should snap pics using natural light. If you're taking pics inside, then take them facing a window.
  • Downplay shadows. Make sure shadows aren't cast across your faces. To avoid this, snap pics either at sunrise or sunset.
  • Choose your filters wisely. Some of the best Instagram filters include Valencia, which makes everyone super hot and dreamy.
  • Take lots of pics. This way, you'll end up with a few great photos to choose from. Be sure to change your angles and expressions for variety.

Blow up your Instagram this Valentine's Day

Celebrate your SO this Valentine's Day by snapping tons of ultra adorable Instagram pics. Try out the above couples poses and tips, and watch your likes turn into loves.

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