what to pack for summer music festivalsEven if you've been to a million outdoor music festivals by now, there are still lots of ways to make your experience more easygoing and fun. Here are nine hacks for surviving any music festival:

1. Invest in a cheap phone

You most definitely don't want to destroy your brand new iPhone that cost as much as one month's rent. That's why you should get a cheap phone for the festival, so you won't care as much if you end up breaking it. While you won't be able to take photos, at least the battery will last forever.

2. Make a flag

Create a flag that stands out from the crowd so you'll be able to locate your tent quickly. You can also easily buy one online before the festival.

3. Plan out where you'll camp

Don't camp just anywhere. Aim for a spot off the path that'll give you some space. Your campsite should also be near a bathroom and don't camp at the bottom of a hill since it'll probably become all swampy. Finally, try to camp near a landmark so you can easily find your way home.

4. Always carry sunblock

Stick some travel-sized sunblock on hand so you can easily reapply it throughout the day. The last thing you need is a painful blistering sunburn.

5. Smuggle in booze the right way

If it's against the rules to bring booze into the music festival, you can always smuggle it in. Color vodka bluish green with some food coloring, and then carry it in an empty mouthwash bottle to disguise it as a mouthwash.

6. Sport a fanny pack

Wear a fanny pack during the entire festival. It's the best way to keep your essential items handy and safe. Always keep it filled up with hand sanitizer, tissues, sunblock, mints, cash, and condoms.

7. Pack a yoga mat

Pack a yoga mat to lay your sleeping bag on -- it'll make your sleeping bag way more comfortable to sleep in, especially if you're sleeping on bumpy terrain.

8. Don't forget snacks

You're going to be hungry, and sometimes getting food from vendors will be inconvenient. Make sure to bring along lots of snacks that don't need to be refrigerated, such as power bars, trail mix, pretzels, bananas, dried fruit, and chips.

9. Bring lots of trash bags

Trash bags have tons of great uses. You can create emergency ponchos, protect your belongings from the rain and mud, and clean up all the trash at your campsite when it's time to leave.

Peace, love, and rock 'n roll

Music festivals are lots of fun. But, if you're not adequately prepared, they can quickly devolve into sheer chaos. Follow the above hacks to ensure a drama-free time!

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