Yoga pants are probably one of the most comfortable items of clothes you can possibly wear. But unfortunately, they tend to have some bad connotations as they are commonly worn. Most people only wear yoga pants while lounging around the house, running errands, or actually doing yoga. Typically, yoga pants are worn with tank tops, t-shirts, or hoodies. But, because yoga pants are so comfortable and versatile -- they are crafted from stretchy fabric that hugs your body -- you should incorporate yoga pants into your everyday look. And it's actually easier than it sounds to do so.

4 rules for wearing yoga pants on the down low

If your work is fairly formal, then never wear yoga pants to work. Yoga pants can, however, be pulled off in a business environment.

1. “See-thru” means “no go”

Only wear yoga pants that are opaque.

2. Try on twice, buy once

Purchase yoga pants that actually fit. Make sure they're not too large or too small.

3. It’s all about the “over under

Wear full-coverage bikini bottoms along with your yoga pants to avoid sporting a panty line.

4. Quit them when they quit you

Toss any old yoga pants that are ripped, faded, or stretched.

Professionalism is no pose

It's easy wearing yoga pants with other items of clothing, especially if you stock up on yoga pants that are neutrally colored — navy, black, charcoal, and dark brown yoga pants. In the wintertime, too, yoga pants can be easily substituted for leggings. You can easily compliment yoga pants with other clothing items to create various outfits appropriate for business casual work environments, casual daytime settings, and even a girls' night out.

• Business casual attire

If your place of employment embraces a business casual style, then you can easily incorporate yoga pants into your work wardrobe. You should avoid yoga pants that have bold prints, such as psychedelic or animal ones. Instead, scout out yoga pants that have the feel of herringbone or tweed fabric. Choose dark, neutral colors, too. Pair more sophisticated-looking yoga pants with a casual blazer, and some accessories. Here's a sample business casual yoga pants outfit:

For the cooler months, pair black yoga pants with a beige turtle neck sweater, and a black blazer on top. Add a scarf in a bold color, such as red, and wear dark brown or black knee high leather boots. Accessorize your outfit with a watch and necklace. For the warmer months, pair black yoga pants with am embroidered blouse in a dark color, such as navy. Wear dressy sandals and accessorize with jewelry. Consider wearing a cardigan over the blouse -- the cardigan should be in a neutral color.

• Casual daytime attire

In terms of going out during the day on a lazy Saturday, you can easily craft a casual daytime look using yoga pants. In fact, you can virtually pair yoga pants with any item of clothing, as long as the colors compliment each other. Here is an example of a casual daytime outfit.

For the warmer months, pair dark colored yoga pants with a casual t-shirt and some flip flops. Or pair them with a tank top and a zip up hoodie and fashionable sneakers. For the cooler months, consider wearing dark colored yoga pants along with a t-shirt, a boyfriend cardigan, a scarf and boots. Or pair yoga pants with a sweater in a bold color, such as light blue or green.

• Evening attire

Who says you have to get dressed up to go out? You can take yoga pants to the next level by pairing them with certain articles of clothing to create a nighttime outfit suitable for going out to eat or hitting up some bars with your friends. Here is an example of a night-out outfit that includes yoga pants:

During the summer, pair black, tight yoga pants with a sequined tank top, black heels, a flashy necklace, and lipstick. In the winter, pair tight, black yoga pants with black heeled boots, a low-cut sparkly sweater, earrings and a necklace. If you're feeling bold, you can even sport yoga pants with bold designs as long as your outfit is well coordinated.

Stretching the rules

When it comes to yoga pants, putting together versatile outfits is endless. In general, it's easier to work yoga pants into various ensembles if they're a neutral color, such as beige, dark brown, black, and white. These colors universally go with almost any other colors. For dressier outfits, choose yoga pants that are higher quality and opaque. What's more, you should also look for yoga pants that don't have athletic details -- instead, buy yoga pants that are made from stretchy cotton and flare a bit at the legs. Once you've got the right type of yoga pants, it's incredibly easy to pair them with almost any top.

While yoga pants can be worn in a wide variety of situations, it's important to note that yoga pants aren't appropriate to sport in professional work environments and at black tie events. If you're going to something ultra fancy, a good rule of thumb is to ditch the yoga pant and opt for more appropriate attire. Other than that, you can incorporate yoga pants into almost any casual look.


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