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BY: Khalid El Khatib

5 LGBTQ+ TikTok Beauty Creators to Follow Right Now

LGBTQ+ beauty & skincare TikTokers

TikTok has become the go-to location for all things skincare: from simple tips on how to better contour, to advice from dermatologists on combating obscure medical conditions, to the launch and expansion of zeitgeisty trends like “slugging” (applying Vaseline over your moisturizer and leaving it on overnight, FWIW).

When it comes to taking skincare advice from TikTok, I have an important rule: pay close attention to who is giving the advice before you follow it. Too many times I’ve purchased a product that was transformative to a TikToker only to realize after I made my purchase that the creator hawking it was nearly 20 years younger than me, and their dewiness was more likely attributed to youth than some random Japanese serum. Similarly, there are so many diverse creators on TikTok that it’s relatively easy to find one that best reflects what you look like and what you care about–whether that’s a specific skin type or a desire to only use vegan products.

In honor of Pride Month, we’ve compiled a list of five LGBTQIA+ TikTok beauty creators. Whether you’re looking for creators who reject the binary or simply someone who uses a lot of glitter for your local Pride parade, this list has it all!

1. GravityJacobs: The vogue instructor you didn’t know you needed

Most of the recommendations on this list are oriented around beauty, skincare, and fashion. But what’s the point of looking incredible for a party if you can’t dance? And what better way to dance at a Pride party than to vogue? Gravity Balmain is one of the most talented voguers on TikTok — so talented that he was featured on season one of Legendary on HBO. You can’t go wrong by trying to replicate any of his videos, but if they move too fast for you he offers $5 vogue tutorials.

2. J.C. Dombrowski: Save the earth (and skincare, too)

J.C. is popular–so popular that he’s even interviewed Bill Gates. Why? Because he’s studying marine biology and his feed is half skincare posts, half scientific, environmental, and climate-conscious content. If all skincare, all the time is too much for you, J.C. is a great follow. But don’t fret, his skincare-oriented content is top-notch. It’s how he amassed his nearly three million followers. And like the best TikTok creators, he doesn’t sugarcoat and makes recommendations based on experience, feedback from followers, and his conviction. Case in point? This post showcases three skincare brands he won’t support (which are highlighted by many less authentic creators).

3. NaomiHearts: Plus-sized positivity

Skincare recommendations that work are great, but so much of what makes a creator great is the delivery. NaomiHearts, a proud trans woman, threads infectious and uplifting positivity through all of her fashions and beauty-focused posts. Even her most straightforward makeup posts contain a bit of humor, and she has lots of content spreading a message of self-love to the plus-sized community. It’s a bonus that she posts in both English and Spanish for her followers.

4. Teomarcella: Model behavior

Teodora is a queer model who posts lots of looks from her travels, shoots, and favorite brands. She also has plenty of unique make-up tutorials and recommendations in addition to her fashion content. One of my favorites is this super cute tutorial on how she gives herself a freckled look. But one of the most charming aspects of Teodora’s account is her posts featuring her girlfriend. Not only are they adorable, but they’re also both super fashionable with looks worth replicating.

5. Theeglamnaija: Make-up and wig reviews

Queer content creator Nai Jelee loves to have fun with her looks, making her the perfect follow for a Pride look. Tooth gem tutorial anyone? Nai is a licensed esthetician, and her make-up reviews and tutorials are on point and often the perfect party look – like this nude ombre lip tutorial. She also posts cute TikToks getting ready for dates with her girlfriend. And make-up isn’t all Nai is passionate about. She also has plenty of amazing hair content and wig reviews. Have you ever wondered if the budget-conscious wigs sold by Shein hold up? Look no further!

Khalid El Khatib is a Brooklyn-based writer and marketer who tweets too much.

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