Winter is here. That means it's time to start snapping some holiday selfies for your Instagram stream. What makes for the perfect selfie? The right Instagram filter, of course! Here are the 7 best Instagram filters for your holiday selfies:

1. Inkwell

This filter enhances your smile. How? Because Inkwell is a high-contrast black and white filter, which means it makes your teeth appear whiter. This is especially true if you're sporting a bold shade of lipstick.

2. Mayfair

Mayfair is a warm filter that accentuates your features, instantly adding definition. It highlights cheekbones and other subtle facial contours, so your followers are guaranteed to mistake you for a supermodel.

3. Rise

Want to shave off a few years? Then try the Rise filter. It minimizes skin imperfections while brightening the area under your eyes.

4. Toaster

If you want to brighten dull, dry winter skin, then Toaster should be your Instagram filter of choice. Its golden warmth makes your skin appear radiant with a healthy glow. All your followers will think you've been vacationing in the Bahamas.

5. Amaro

Want to hide unsightly blemishes? Apply the Amaro filter to your photos. It reduces redness and fades any bump, no matter how big or small, so your skin seems flawless.

6. Valencia

Is your skin pasty white from the winter months? Then you need the Valencia filter. It adds a warmer wash, making your skin appear more vibrant and healthy-looking.

7. X Pro II

This filter highlights facial contours while adding warmth. It's the perfect filter to freshen your face, especially if you've noticed some of your makeup has worn off.

No matter which Instagram filter you choose for your holiday selfies, Huffington Post says, "Filters that increase the warmth, exposure and contrast of your snaps are most likely to lead to more likes."

Even if you've nailed your filter, if you're a selfie novice, capturing the perfect Instagram photo can seem intimidating. Here are a few expert tips:

  • Lighting is key. To capture the perfect selfie, you should avoid artificial lighting at all costs. Natural lighting will help showcase your best features. Instead of snapping a selfie in front of your computer screen, take your selfies facing a window, or better yet, outside.
  • Angles are everything. Certain angles are universally flattering on almost anyone. For the best angle, you should keep your chin down and hold your phone up so that the bottom meets your eyes. What's more, you should avoid head-on shots, and whatever you do, don't snap a photo from under your chin.
  • Shadows are a no-no. Shadows cast over you can instantly age you, bringing out your worst features. The best times to snap selfies are at sunrise and sunset. Make sure to face directly into the sun when taking selfies to avoid unflattering shadows.
  • Use flash selectively. While natural lighting produces the best selfies, if you're snapping photos at night, you should use Snapchat. Why? Because, according to Allure, "The app has a flash feature for the front-facing camera, while the regular photo app on iPhone does not."
  • Snap tons of selfies. The secret to capturing the perfect selfie is to take lots of them. Play around with different backgrounds, directions, lighting, and angles until you've found some that are Instagram-worthy.
  • Make sure your expressions are natural. When it comes to selfies, natural facial expressions are always better. This means no fake smiles or forced expressions. Instead, relax, be yourself, get grounded in the moment, and snap away.
  • Don't forget about the background. When it comes to backgrounds, you should either choose one that is attention-grabbing and unique or keep it simple. Anything in between is too 'meh.' For holiday selfies, consider using a Christmas tree, wrapped gifts, natural snow, and colorful holiday lights as backgrounds.

Capture the holidays in Insta-style

Snapping the perfect holiday selfie all boils down to using the right filter, finding the best lighting, and showing off your most flattering angles. And, of course, don't forget a festive background that screams holiday cheer. Follow these simple tips, and watch your Instagram 'likes' explode.


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