What exactly is glow? Everyone has a different definition, but there are some universal truths. We associate certain words with glowing skin, including radiant, hydrated, smooth, and youthful skin. Fit skin is -- after all -- glowing skin.

But, most dermatologists classify glowing skin by how smooth, soft, and supple it is. Dermatologists also evaluate the texture, tone, and turgor of the skin when developing treatment plans. So, how can you obtain that much sought-after glow? There are two ways -- one way is using the right skincare products, such as retinol, and the other way is getting skin treatments that use energy-based devices, like Clear + Brilliant, the Fire and Ice laser facial, and IPL facials.

How do these laser treatments work to impart a healthy glow? Through purposeful damage. If you cause a little bit of damage to the skin through the retinol products you use at night and through getting energy-based skin treatments, it makes the collagen matrix under your skin stronger. That's how you obtain glowing skin!

Once that purposeful damage is induced, you need plenty of hydration, rest, relaxation, and moisturization. This will enable you to achieve optimal skin fitness and that radiant glow all year round.


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