Dr. Will Kirby is a celebrity dermatologist and Chief Medical Officer of LaserAway. He's here to share his 11 skincare travel essentials:

1. City Cloths by LA Beauty

This product is easy to carry around. The cloths instantly remove grease and grime from the skin. They also remove sunblock and whatever else is on your skin after you get off a plane.

2. Eye drops

The arid climate on planes can quickly dry out your eyes. You should use eye drops every few hours on a flight and as soon as you get off it, too, to keep them moisturized.

3. Deodorant

Carrying a mini deodorant stick with you while traveling enables you to refreshen up while on a plane and right after landing.

4. Vaseline

You can use vaseline for almost everything. If particular areas of your skin are feeling dry, apply some vaseline to the area to seal in moisture. Remember that a little bit of vaseline goes a long way!

5. Travel shampoo and conditioner

Don't use hotel shampoos and conditioners that can be of inferior quality! Instead, be sure to pack your favorite hair products that you can really depend on. After all, you want to look fabulous no matter where you are.

6. Razor and shaving cream

Be sure to pack a razor and a mini bottle of shaving cream, unless you've already undergone laser hair removal treatments.

7. LA Beauty's Wake Me Up

This invigorating serum is infused with vitamins, such as vitamin C, that'll instantly awaken and refresh tired, jetlagged skin.

8. Baby oil

Once you reach your destination, take a warm shower, and apply a thin layer of baby oil over your entire body. Then pat dry with a towel for instant silky soft skin.

9. My Hero from LA Beauty

This serum contains one percent retinol that increases skin cell turnover, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply this product right before bed for best results.

10. BFF SPF 50 by LA Beauty

This tinted facial sunblock has both UVA and UVB protection. It's also very flattering and has a matte, dry finish that's nongreasy.

11. LA Beauty's Jetsetter Mask

This serum-saturated mask is made with plant extracts, vitamins, and antioxidants. Once you get to the hotel, unwind by putting on this mask and relaxing in front of the TV. Your skin will look well-rested.

Beautiful skin no matter where you are

Great skin is all about product selection and consistency. When you have a travel kit, it makes it easy on the go.

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