Heres What You Need to Know About Lip FlipsWhat are lip flips, and are they worth it?

If you're on TikTok, you've likely seen one trend dominating your #ForYou page: the lip flip. This "quick fix" procedure uses a small amount of Botox instead of filler to create an upturned look on patients' top lip. It can be an affordable alternative, but weighing the benefits all depends on your individual goals. Here's what you need to know about lip flips:

What’s the difference between lip flips and dermal filler?

While both treatments result in fuller-looking lips, lip flips just relax the muscles around the upper lip so it turns upward. Filler actually adds volume to the lip via injection with a hyaluronic acid-based substance. So if you're looking to change the actual size and enhance the shape of your lips, dermal filler may be the better option.

With a lip flip, you'll begin to see results a few days after treatment, with full results around the two-week mark. Filler offers instant results that keep improving until the product fully settles in after about two weeks.

How long does a lip flip last?

The reason the lip flip is trending so hard on social media is that it's seen as a hack to get the filled look for less. But the cost is only lower because it's such a small amount of Botox. In general, lip flips last about two months, while Juvéderm lasts up to one year. And those in the know will recognize that Botox doesn't last that long either—it actually requires much more frequent upkeep.

Due to its temporary nature, the lip flip is great for those wanting to test the waters of what an enhanced lip may look like. A lip flip can give a sense of fuller lips for a low introductory cost. But if you want to maintain that full look over time, filler is likely a much more practical option in cost and maintenance.

Are lip flips reversible?

Unlike Juvéderm, which can be reversed right away by dissolving the hyaluronic acid solution, Botox lip flips are irreversible. If you're over your lip flip before the neuromodulator wears off, unfortunately, you'll have to wait out the remainder of the time.

To flip or not to flip...

If you're considering enhancing your lips, do your research and remember not to let trends sway you. Lip flips can be an excellent option for the right patient, so make sure to go over your short and long-term goals (as well as your beauty budget) during your consultation to find the best solution for you.

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