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Spring is not far off, which means you’ll be able to sport cute manicures and pedicures. Nail your look with one of these 12 hot hues.

1. Bright colors

This spring and summer, it’s all about strong bright colors. Look for high-octane hues like pinks and roses; they pair well with a sexy tan and sandals. Check out Chanel’s holiday nail color.

2. Warm and cool pastels

“Pastels and spring go hand-in-hand,” notes InStyle Magazine. “The creamy, cotton candy hues are a sweet companion to the season’s lightweight, airy wardrobe.” Look for a creamsicle orange pastel; it flatters all skin tones. Try NCLA’s Poolside Party … All Eyes on Me.

3. Neon contrasts

Rocking the neon contrasts is extra cool. Try painting your toes a pastel color and your fingernails a neon one or vice versa. Essie’s Lights and NARS’ Kutki are fantastic options.

4. Glitter topcoat

Want to dress up your nails? Then finish off your mani or pedi with a glitter topcoat. A pro tip from beauty blog, XOVain: Use a cosmetic wedge to apply the glitter; it allows for maximum sparkle and minimal glop. Choose Zoya’s Chloe over a bold pink shade.

5. Orange nudes

Orange nudes combine classic nude nail polish with a tangerine color to keep your look classic yet trendy. Try a bright neon orange shade on your toes and a neutral flesh tone manicure. Dior’s Safari Beige gets it done nicely, as does Tom Ford’s Ginger Fire.

6. Candy colors

Candy colors are trendy right now. But you should choose a darker shade for the toes and a lighter one for your hands. You’ll love Nubar’s Blue Raspberry and OPI’s Pedal Faster Suzi.

7. Glitter and metal

Glitter and metal nail polishes are a great way to cover imperfections quickly. Use metallic colors over any polish to jazz up any outfit or for an instant beauty boost. What’s more, moody metallics are in this year, from bronze to silver to gold to even pewter hues. Try MAC’s Indulgent Feast.


8. Grayscale

Want an edgier look? Glamour notes that grayscale nails are all the rage among hipsters. Giving off a cool vibe, grayscale nails come in all different forms, from milky gray adorned with darker gray stripes to pops of metallic gray shimmer. Or try a sheer slash of gray, which resembles watercolor art. If you’re looking for something less dramatic, check out pastel grays with lavender tones. Sally Hansen’s Commander in Chic rules in this area.

9. Neutral colors

Want a softer look? You’re in luck! Neutral colors are all the rage this spring and summer, especially cream and pearlescent neutrals, which make fingers appear softer and more feminine. When worn alone, natural hues give off a classic vibe, but they also serve as the perfect base for nail art such as swipes and stripes.

10. Embellished cuticles

Embellished cuticles are truly unique. To get this look, simply line the outer edges of your nails with a glittery or gray outline, painting the nail base a neutral color. For a bolder look, use bright colors instead of glitter polish.

11. Updated French manicure

Want a fun twist on a classic French manicure? Add a thin stripe one-third of the way down the nail. Or for a bolder look, try a neon French manicure in a spring shade, such as neon orange or pink. China Glaze’s Shocking Pink and Orange Knockout are top choices.

12. Rose-gold

Rose-gold is cropping up everywhere from clothing to hair colors and now to nails. It’s a safe middle ground: not too basic, not too flashy. The cool warm hue flatters most skin tones and outfits, and it’s a fun way to add a little sparkle to your look. Check out Essie Metallics in Penny Talk and Mark Jacobs’ Gatsby.

Great nails the whole year through

Want to make your spring manicure last longer? Keep these rules of thumb in mind.

Only apply dry

Cosmopolitan warns that you shouldn’t soak your nails before painting them; it causes your cuticles to temporarily expand, and your coating will turn out uneven.

Don’t get too “cuticle”

You’ll also want to avoid getting polish on your cuticles. This can lead to chipping. Use a pusher tool to prevent paint from getting on them.

Double up on top

Because nail tips chip easier due to typing and texting, you’ll want to apply a second basecoat layer to the top half of your nails.

Stay cool

Don’t use hot air, such as a blow dryer, to dry your nails. Hot air actually prevents nails from drying. Instead, use cool air, and dip your nails in ice water for a few minutes. This also helps to dry them faster.

Great colors? You can never have too “mani”

Whatever color you choose, you’re sure to scratch together some great looking nails in the new year!

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