24K Gold Mask

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli is famous for scouting out the hottest new beauty treatments. Last year, she tried the odd-sounding vampire facial. This year she opted for the revolutionary new liquid gold facial. Yes, you heard right – liquid gold!

24K gold mask benefits

The Examiner gives us the scoop. This expensive facial treatment has become a staple among stars such as Cameron Diaz and Nicole Kidman. What makes it so special? Besides consisting of 24K gold, it’s known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, and anti-aging benefits—and people have known about these benefits for a long time. Leading dermatologists tell us gold has been used in skincare and healing for centuries. Even Cleopatra slept with gold on her face, and ancient Ayurvedic treatments have always used gold. Of course, this treatment doesn’t come cheap. For around $1,660 for a single treatment, you too can shine like a star.

Not every aesthetician is able to work with gold. Only an aesthetician with specialized training should do a liquid gold facial. It’s evidently a very tricky process. The typical gold facial treatment kit consists of both a gold-based cream and a gold-based gel that have additional skin-improving ingredients. The gold cream usually consists of 24K gold dust mixed with saffron, honey, and sandalwood powder. This cream is typically followed by a gold-based gel turmeric pack derived from a combination of aloe vera and very thin sheets of gold foil. A specialized facial instrument is used to melt the gold foil by controlled degrees so that the gold particles can penetrate the skin’s surface. Following the removal of the gold turmeric pack, the skin is calmed with cold compresses and moisturized with a light lotion.

24 karat gold facial treatment alternatives

Obviously, not everyone can afford a $1,660 facial. So what other facial treatments can turn back the clock? It all depends on your skin:

Facial For Dry Skin

Dry skin is prone to dehydration since it lacks natural lipids.  Because of this lack of water, the skin’s natural exfoliating cycle slows down. Facials that include gentle exfoliation with enzymes are a great way to take your skin from flakey to fabulous. Dry skin also needs both oil and water to balance it out, so you should look for facials that include masks, which help penetrate the product into the skin.

Oily Skin Facial

Oily skin produces more oil than it needs. This oil is a magnet for debris, such as skin cells, makeup, and pollution, which then cause congestion inside the pores. Over time, the congestion becomes hardened just like plaque on your teeth. Look for facials that include a chemical exfoliant like glycolic acid or salicylic acid. This penetrates into the pores and helps melt the congestion. Oily skin also needs extractions to remove any hardened debris within the pores--but don’t try this at home!

Facial For Combination Skin

Combination skin has both oily and dry areas, and these areas need to be treated separately. An enzyme, chemical or even microdermabrasion exfoliants work very well. Extractions are also needed, usually in the t-zone, to remove congestion. A professional treatment mask--such as freeze-fried collagen to replenish lost water and soothe the skin--is also a good idea.

Sensitive Skin Facial

Sensitive skin needs to be handled delicately. All skin needs exfoliation to remove dead skin, but this process needs to be done gently. Because they don’t irritate the skin, facials that use enzymes to exfoliate work well. You should also look for products that don’t have excessive fragrances or irritants in them.

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