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Wearing matte lipstick can be sexy, but it can also be tricky.

That’s because matte lipstick tends to emphasize flaws. This means you must apply it in a certain way. Here are seven steps to getting fab matte coverage on lips.

1. Prep your pucker

Exfoliating your lips with a toothbrush is key. It’ll help to get rid of peeling skin, and this will give you a kissably soft pout. Simply dampen a toothbrush and rub it on your lips for a few minutes.

2. Moisturize like you’re wandering the Sahara

Matte lipstick tends to dry out lips. Ultra-moisturize them with argan or coconut oil before applying your lipstick.

3. Prime with concealer

A base layer of concealer on your lips can really make your lipstick color pop because it will bring out your lipstick’s true color.

4. Draw the line

Find a lip liner that’s the same shade as your lipstick, and line your lips with it. Fill them in, as well. This puts down a base for your lipstick to glide on. It will also intensify and preserve the color longer.

5. Brush, don’t rub

Rather than rubbing your lips together, use a lip brush to make the color uniform. Cover your lips completely for an elegant look.

6. Blot, baby, blot

Blot your lips after applying the first coat, and then apply a second one. This will intensify the color and prevent your lipstick from flaking off.

7. Sharpen the edges

Clean up your lips’s corners with a cotton swab and some concealer. This will make your application precise and perfect.


Pro tips for soft lips

If you want to keep your lips looking their kissable best, you should:

• Choose the right lip balm and don’t lick your lips

Saliva may not seem like it’s drying, but it is. Look for balms that contain petrolatum or glycerin as well as sunscreen.

• Go blue for more white

A lipstick that has blue undertones will make your teeth gleam.

• Layer lip stain and lip gloss

If you’re looking to keep your lips colored all day long, try a lip stain. Then, put some lip gloss on top to keep your lips looking soft and shiny.

• Drink more water

When you’re dehydrated, your lips become easily dried out. To keep your lips looking beautifully soft and pink, make sure to drink lots of water throughout the day, especially in winter.

Fuller lips the modern way

An injectable dermal filler can plump your lips in a most flattering way.

Your best bet is a filler that contains hyaluronic acid. A natural substance found in the body, hyaluronic acid adds volume in your lips. Collagen, fat injections, and implants are other methods to plump up lips, but they aren’t used very often anymore; the results vary too much and the risk of side effects is greater.

Lip enhancements are an easy way to turn back the clock and are incredibly safe and noninvasive. And they cause few side effects. The best part? Lip augmentation is affordable. For just a few hundred dollars, beautiful lips can belong to you.


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