When is the Best Time to Start Laser Hair RemovalLaser hair removal has created a massive buzz in the beauty world over the past few years, and for good reasons, too. Not only does it save time and money in the long run compared to shaving and waxing, but laser hair removal also results in permanent hair reduction of up to 80 percent. Plus, you can get it done almost anywhere on the body, and it's safe and effective on nearly all skin tones. What's not to love?

So, when should you start laser hair removal?

Most dermatologists agree that fall and winter are the best times to begin laser hair removal treatments. That's because sun exposure and laser hair removal don't mix well together. Lasers used in laser hair removal can't tell the difference between the pigment in the hair follicle and pigment from a tan, which could potentially cause hyperpigmentation after a treatment. You're less likely to have a tan during the fall and winter months, making it an ideal time to get laser hair removal done.

What's more, laser hair removal requires multiple treatments that are spaced four-to-six weeks apart. If you wait until the end of spring or the beginning of summer to start laser hair removal treatments, there won't be enough time before summer's over to complete all of them. This means you won't have smooth skin when it's prime bikini season.

Another reason to undergo laser hair removal during the colder months is that, after each treatment, your skin is sensitive to sun exposure. Those receiving laser hair removal should wait until a month after their last session before tanning to prevent skin damage and discoloration from occurring.

Lastly, while you're undergoing laser hair removal treatments, you might notice that your hair temporarily grows back in patchier. You can easily hide your arms and legs with cozy, cute sweaters and pants in the fall and wintertime!

Bottom line: Start laser hair removal while it's still cold outside

Since most need to undergo a series of laser hair removal treatments spaced four-to-six weeks apart, the best time to start laser hair removal is when the days are still dark and short, and it's still freezing out! If you begin laser hair removal during the fall and winter months, you'll be ready for bikini season when summer finally rolls around. You'll also significantly reduce the risk of developing hyperpigmentation and other side effects caused by too much sun exposure.

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