Shapely calves are a thing of beauty. And to get them you must be dedicated. Because calves consist of two muscles, you need to incorporate lower leg exercises into your daily workout; they hit the two muscles from different angles. Here are ten exercises that tone calves fast.

1. Standing calf raise

This exercise delivers a deep stretch along with strengthening.

  • Stand facing a wall
  • Step two feet away from it
  • Place your hands against the wall and lean in as if you were going to do a push up
  • Keep your body in a straight line and your heels on the ground (you should feel a stretch)
  • Go up on the balls of your feet as you continue to lean toward the wall
  • Pause
  • Slowly lower back down
  • Repeat 15 times

2. Seated calf raises

You will need dumbbells for this exercise. The should weigh at least 10 pounds.

  • Sit in a chair
  • Bend your legs 90 degrees angle
  • Place your feet flat on the floor
  • Pick up a dumbbell in each hand
  • Hold them on your knees
  • Slowly squeeze your calf muscles as you lift your legs to the balls of your feet (make sure you don’t bounce)
  • Pause
  • Lower slowly without resting
  • Repeat 15 times

3. Ankle circles

"Ankle circles can be done sitting or standing," Self Growth notes.

  • Use a steady object — a squat rack, for example — to hold yourself
  • Lift your right leg in the air two inches from the floor
  • Describe a circle with your big toe
  • Repeat these steps with your left leg and foot

4. Calves SMR

SMR stands for "self myofascial release." It’s a way of healing tissue, relieving pain, and relaxing muscles without anyone's help.

  • Sit on the floor
  • Place a foam roller under your lower left leg
  • Cross your right leg to the opposite side and let it support some of your weight
  • Place your hands at your side
  • Press down and raise your hips off the floor, putting weight on your calf muscle
  • Roll from just below your knee to just above the ankle
  • Pause at any point of tension for 10 seconds
  • Repeat with your right leg

5. Balance board

Also known as a wobble board, a balance board delivers benefits beyond toned calves. "When used for strength training exercises," PopSugar notes, "it's a great tool for runners, skiers, tennis players, and yogis because it helps improve coordination and balancing abilities."

  • Place a balance board in front of you
  • Stand on it
  • Try to balance
  • Hold your balance as long as you can

Other exercises for sexy calves

The great thing is that these are exercises you probably already do.

• Running

Awesome for your legs and calves, you should run five days a week for half an hour or so for best results.

• Yoga

Not only great for stress relief, strength, and flexibility, yoga’s also great for calves. Check out the tree pose.

• Ballet

Numerous ballet poses require you to stand on your toes. In this way it is similar to some yoga poses and calf raises. Consider enrolling in a beginner ballet class. "Yet, even without lacing up point shoes," LiveStrong reports, "adding calf exercises to any workout routine can help build those muscles we admire."

• Lunges

Not only do lunges tone your butt and thighs. They also shape your calves. Do two sets of 12 lunges.

• Squats

"The king of all butt exercises," as Top.Me calls them, squats tone your legs, butt, and calves. They work best when you maintain proper form: Your knees should never extend beyond your toes, and you shouldn’t lean forward.

Don’t have a cow about toning calves

Toned, shapely calves are a must if you plan to wear shorts, skirts, or dresses. These important, sexy muscles often take a back seat to glutes and quads. Let them drive your exercise time for once by walking, jumping, and bike riding. These exercises strengthen and firm them.

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