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10 Celebrity Diets That Actually Work

Best celeb-approved diets

We all read about crazy celebrity fad diets that don’t actually work. From the cabbage soup diet to the master cleanse to the grapefruit diet, crash diets are everywhere. And they can do more harm than good. Luckily, we’re here to tell you about ten sensible celebrity diet programs that actually work! (Remember to consult with a doctor before beginning any diet and exercise program.)

1. Weight Watchers

Both Jenny McCarthy and Jennifer Hudson have followed Weight Watchers. With this system, you can eat anything you want, but it’s all about moderation. Each portion of food is equivalent to a certain amount of points. To help you meet your weight loss goals, you’re limited to a total amount of points each day until you reach your target weight. Once you’re in maintenance mode, you’re allowed more points per day.

2. The South Beach Diet

Nicole Kidman is reportedly a huge fan of the South Beach Diet. The South Beach Diet is divided into three phases, with the first two being pretty restrictive. This diet reportedly helps eliminate cravings and kick-start weight loss. Best of all, there’s no calorie counting or strict portion sizes. But, you’re forced to cut out bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, and baked goods for the first two weeks.

3. Vegan Diet

Vegan diets force followers to eat healthily because they cut out all meats and dairy products. Carrie Underwood admits to being a vegan who doesn’t eat processed sugars.

4. Freshology

Freshology is a food delivery company that Sofia Vergara swears by. It delivers calorie-controlled, low-carb, high-protein, all-natural gourmet meals. Freshology is best for people on the go, and plans start at $48 a day.

5. The Zone Diet

Jennifer Aniston reportedly follows the Zone Diet, which involves getting 40 percent of your daily total caloric intake from protein, 30 from carbs, and 30 percent from fats. Followers typically eat three portion-controlled meals and two snacks a day.

6. Macrobiotic Diet

Gwyneth Paltrow swears by the macrobiotic diet, a dietary regimen that involves eating grains, vegetables, and tofu. On this diet, you’re not allowed to eat refined, processed foods or animal products.

7. Alkaline Diet

Ex-Spice Girl, fashion designer, and mom Victoria Beckham is a fan of the Alkaline Diet. Aiming to keep the body’s pH level between 7.35 and 7.45, this plan focuses on a diet of 80% alkaline (fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes—broccoli, fennel, grapefruit, and kale are considered the most alkaline) and 20% acidic (wheat and dairy products, coffee, sugar, meat, fish and alcohol) foods.

8. Paleo Diet

Jessica Biel follows the “caveman” diet. Also known as paleo, this diet focuses on fresh fish, lean meats, veggies, nuts and seeds, and strictly eliminates all grains, dairy and legumes.

9. Genotype Diet

Oprah follows the Genotype Diet. According to the Genotype diet, there are six basic gene types, and each gene type has its own traits regarding weight and metabolism, so people should plan their diet based on their genotype.

10. The 5 Factor Diet

The 5 Factor Diet focuses on the five main elements that a meal should include: protein, complex carbs, fiber, fat, and fluids. Celebs like Eva Mendes swear by this diet, and they eat five meals a day with recipes that contain no more than five ingredients.

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