best sex positions

10 Discreet Sex Positions

Nothing's better than a sensual summer romance. Especially if it comes with steamy, seasonally-specific sex. You can take advantage of all summer has to offer by planning a little bit in advance and using your best judgment. Here are ten summer sex positions for (almost) anywhere:

sex in water

1. Underwater Sex

Summer's all about water. Get down and dirty in pools, lakes, rivers, and oceans. Face your dude while he's standing, and then wrap your arms and legs around him. Have him enter you as he holds your legs for support. Remember that you can't use condoms for underwater sex, and extra lube might be necessary. Make sure it's nonsoluble.

Rooftop sex

2. Roof Sex

If you or your guy has an apartment with a rooftop, by all means, take full advantage of it. You'll want to make sure no one else is on the rooftop before you get down to business. Bring a yoga mat, lay down on it, and have your guy enter you missionary style. Having sex on the ground means it's less likely others will see you. Try to position yourself in a pretty obscure location.

Sex up against a tree

3. Tree Sex

Feel free to go for a quickie while hiking in nature. Lean against the tree facing your partner, and lift one leg and wrap it around his body. Have him enter you and hold onto the tree trunk for balance.

Sex on a trampoline

4. Trampoline Sex

Try out some hot sex on a trampoline in your backyard. Have your guy sit down with his legs crossed. Then straddle him in a kneeling position, holding onto his shoulders. Bounce gently into each other in pure bliss.

Sex in a tent

5. Camping Sex

Luckily, you can have versatile and more discreet sex inside a tent. Zip two sleeping bags together, and then slide inside the sleeping bags, pulling the bags tightly around both of you. Move against each other. Or face your partner with your arms wrapped around his neck. Wrap your legs around his hips, and then rock your hips against him, pulling him with your leg.

Sex on a picnic table

6. Picnic Sex

Make sure no one's around before you try this one. Place a blanket or towel on top of the picnic table. Then sit on the edge of the table with your legs on the bench. Your partner should sit on the bench between them, facing you. His head should be level with your thighs so he can go down on you without any difficulties.

Sex in a car

7. Car Sex

Park your car in a secluded location before attempting sex. In the passenger seat with your guy seated, bend your knees and straddle him, lowing yourself onto him. Then slowly move up and down.

Sex on the beach

8. Beach Sex

Everyone's heard of the drink, but have you had actual sex on the beach before? Make sure you secure a dry, secluded space and lay down a blanket. Then try a woman on top position so that it looks like you're just cuddling if a stranger happens to walk by.

Sex at a music festival

9. Music Festival Sex

Music festivals are all about letting loose. You can easily have sex at one in a tent, car, or field. You should make sure no one is around or paying attention, and then go for it. Try either a spooning position or straddling your partner on top, which is more discreet.

Sex on a sailboat

10. Sailboat Sex

Nothing's more exciting than doing the deed on a sailboat. Have your partner lay down on his back, grab some rope, and tie his wrists to a lifesaver. Then straddle him, moving up and down. Remember to move with the motion of the boat to avoid seasickness.

Great sex comes down to creativity

Where there's a will, there's a way! Take advantage of the warmer months by getting down with your partner outside. When it comes to semi-public and/or outdoor sex, creativity is key. Make sure that you plan ahead to avoid getting caught.

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