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11 Metabolism-Boosting Hacks That Work

If you’re slow to slim or lose weight, don’t worry; you’re not stuck. Here are 11 ways you can boost your metabolism.

1. Take up interval training

“Research shows this whole-body, high-intensity, interval-style training is just as effective at boosting aerobic fitness as a longer cardio session and more effective at improving muscular endurance and increasing metabolism,” Shape reports. The next time you run, swim, or walk, try ramping up the intensity for 30-second intervals, and then return to your normal speed. This helps you burn more calories and revs up your metabolism.

2. Eat more omega-3 fatty acids

Found in in salmon, herring, and tuna, omega-3s balance blood sugar and reduce inflammation. This helps to regulate your metabolism. You should aim for 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams per day. Don’t like fish? Try flaxseed oil, walnuts, or eggs.

3. Strength train

Did you know that muscle uses more energy than fat? If you strength train 30 to 40 minutes twice a week for four months, you can increase your resting metabolism by 100 calories a day. So start incorporating strength training into your fitness routine.

4. Drink green tea

Research shows that the active ingredient in green tea, catechin, cranks up metabolism by improving fat oxidation and thermogenesis. “Green tea drinkers who have about two of cups a day have a lower percentage of body fat and slimmer midsections than non-drinkers,” Prevention reports. If you drink five cups of green tea a day, you can increase your energy expenditure by 90 calories daily.

5. Get enough calories

If you reduce your calories by too much, your metabolism thinks it’s in starvation mode, and puts the brakes on fat-burning to conserve energy. You want to eat enough calories to match your resting metabolic rate.

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6. Exercise

Did you know that after a workout, your body keeps on burning additional calories for a few hours? You can improve your burn by increasing how hard you push yourself during your routine.

7. Eat breakfast

A healthy breakfast like oatmeal or an omelet right after getting out of bed wakes up your metabolism. “Eating sets a variety of biological processes associated with digesting and storing food into action, which result in increased energy expenditure known as diet induced thermogenesis (DIT),” the Daily Mail reports. So don’t ever skip this most important meal of the day.

8. Eat snacks

Did you know that snacking throughout the day is a proven strategy to help you curb hunger and eat fewer calories overall? It also keeps your metabolism running at full speed by stabilizing blood sugar levels and preventing insulin spikes. So enjoy six small meals or add in two healthy snacks in addition to three square meals.

9. Ditch the trans fats

We all know trans fats are bad for you, but they also slow down your body’s ability to burn fat. How? Trans fats bind to fat and liver cells, slowing down your metabolism. Plus consuming trans fats also leads to insulin resistance and inflammation, which negatively affect your metabolism and cause weight gain.

10. Go organic

Did you know that organic fruits and vegetables keep your metabolism fulling at full speed because they don’t expose your thyroid to toxins? “Pesticides found on conventionally grown produce, called ‘obesogens,’ are blamed for slowing metabolism and predisposing some people to gain weight,” the Huffington Post reports.

11. Eat more protein

Because your body digests protein more slowly than fat or carbs, you feel fuller longer, especially when you eat protein for breakfast. Plus, protein speeds up your metabolism. How? Because protein takes longer to digest, your body expends more energy absorbing nutrients in a high-protein diet. Added bonus: diets high in protein actually preserve lean body mass.

Turn on the burn

Research shows that you can actually trick your body into burning more calories, especially if you exercise regularly. For example, by strength training for a few times a week, you can reverse 50 percent of that metabolism slow-down that comes with age. Now that’s news that’s anyone would find easy to digest!

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