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12 Foods to Avoid if You Want to Lose Weight

It’s never easy at first getting used to different foods. And sometimes dieters unknowingly eat foods they think are healthy but are really filled with calories and fat.

Waist-busting treats to avoid

Here’s are 12 foods you should never eat if you’re trying to shed weight.

1. Frosting

Frosting may taste delicious, but it’s incredibly bad for you, especially if it’s store bought. Loaded with calories and fat, frosting actually contains some of the worst types of fat you can possibly consume – trans fats! Trans fats raise bad cholesterol while lowering good cholesterol, and they cause inflammation, leading to the formation of belly fat. Plus, frosting is loaded with sugar, and as we all know, high sugar diets contribute to premature wrinkles. Say goodbye to those lovely chocolate cakes doused in frosting goodness!

2. Muffins and doughnuts

Muffins and doughnuts are everywhere we go, and are the ultimate convenience foods. But not so fast; they’re absolutely terrible for you. Loaded with tons of calories, sugar and fat, they can easily derail your diet. Plus, most store bought are filled with gross preservatives. All in all, processed baked goods like muffins and donuts are a bad choice if you’re trying to look slimmer and younger. Opt for fruit instead.

3. Cereal

While a lot of cereals might seem like they’re a healthy choice, they aren’t. Many cereals are loaded with hidden sugar and simple carbohydrates, which means they contribute to weight gain. Not all cereal is bad. Look for organic ones that are jam packed with complex carbohydrates, minimal sugar, and lots of fiber and protein.


4. Soda

This might seem like an obvious one, and it is. You should never, ever drink soda. Why? One soda can has 10 teaspoons of sugar in it, 4 teaspoons over the recommended daily amount for women. Opt for water instead.

5. Canned tomato sauce

Even the most unsuspecting foods are loaded with hidden sugar, and canned tomato sauce is one of them. It’s also loaded with sodium, which will leave you feeling bloated. Make your own tomato sauce instead; it’s super easy and could save you unwanted calories. Plus, you’ll avoid potentially dangerous BPA.

6. Margarine

Since margarine is substantially cheaper than butter, it seems like an appealing option. But don’t do it. You’ll be paying for it later. Margarine is loaded with trans fat, which is super bad for you. Don’t forget that lots of processed foods like crackers, pastries, and microwave popcorn contain margarine, so eat it sparingly. Try using coconut butter instead, which can actually speed up your metabolism.

7. Bacon

Bacon is loaded with sodium and the preservative sodium nitrate, which has been linked to cancer and heart disease. Forgo the bacon, and opt for nuts instead. Or if you must have bacon, try one of the many chemical-free and low-sodium brands.

8. White flour

Anything containing white flour is bad for you. White flour, a simple carbohydrate, actually spikes your blood sugar, leaving you feeling hungry within a few short hours. Plus it lacks vital fiber and protein, two essential nutrients your body needs a lot of. Opt for items made with whole wheat flour instead.

9. Sugar

Too much sugar is a bad thing. It packs on pounds, and doesn’t do much for your dental health, either. But while many dieters think they can save calories by switching over to foods sweetened with artificial sweeteners, that’s not necessarily true. Studies have shown that people who consume a lot of artificial sweeteners actually end up packing on the pounds. Instead, opt for stevia or some other natural calorie-free sweetener found in many health food stores.

10. Soy sauce

While soy sauce may be low in calories, it’s extremely high in sodium, making it a no-no food. Forget using “low sodium” soy sauce, too; it’s really just an oxymoron. A tablespoon of low-sodium soy sauce has about 600 mg of sodium whereas regular soy sauce has 900 mg. There’s no big difference.

11. Bagels

We know this will make you die a little bit inside, but it’s true: Bagels are bad for you. They have a massively high glycemic index, which means they increase insulin and inflammation in the body. And increased insulin and inflammation leads to weight gain and premature aging. That being said, you could opt for sprouted whole wheat bagels instead, which are actually a lot healthier for you. Give it a try. Who says you can’t have your bagels and eat them, too!

12. Processed meats

Pepperoni is indeed delicious, but processed meats aren’t that great for you. Not only are they packed with sodium and fat, they also increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Is it really worth risking your life for a hot dog? We didn’t think so.

You are what you don’t eat

Weight loss can be a real struggle, especially if you’re having to drastically change your diet. If you avoid all these high fat and sugar foods, you’ll definitely be looking a lot slimmer and younger.


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