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Don’t Believe These 13 Sex Myths

13 common sex myths, debunked

Sex has always been a popular topic of conversation. That’s why there are so many misconceptions floating around. But, whatever you do, don’t believe these thirteen sex myths:

1. Men have higher sex drives

Women are sexual creatures, too. In fact, research suggests that both men and women have about the same sex drives.

2. Personal lubricant is for older folks

Personal lubricant can make sex feel way more amazing by reducing friction. Women of all ages enjoy incorporating lube into their sex lives.

3. Shoe size correlates with penis size

Unfortunately, no definitive proof exists for this myth. Research demonstrates that there is zero correlation between a man’s shoe size and his penis length.

4. Wear double condoms to play it safe

If a man wears two condoms at once, they could rub against each other, causing tears. The result? Increased risk of STDs and pregnancy. Just stick with one condom at a time.

5. Female ejaculation doesn’t exist

Over half of women experience either female ejaculation or squirting when they orgasm.

6. There are no risks involved with anal sex

While you won’t get pregnant, you can still get STDs through anal sex, such as HIV, herpes, and HPV. That’s why it’s essential always to use protection.

7. Sex toys are for kinky people

Sex toys are actually more mainstream than you think, and they’re the perfect way to spice up your routine. Vibrators can help you achieve an orgasm super quickly during penetrative sex.

8. Chocolate and oysters make you horny

There’s no evidence that any of these foods affect your libido.

9. Women need clitoral stimulation

Women can orgasm in a variety of different ways, such as stimulating nipples, through anal or vaginal sex, and touching breasts.

10. Sex helps you lose weight

A half-hour lovemaking session only burns between 85 and 150 calories. On average, the increase in heart rate from sex is the equivalent of walking up two flights of stairs.

11. Every woman has a G-Spot

Researchers still haven’t reached a consensus about whether G-Spots exist. While there’s no physical spot located in the vagina, there are places where nerves and blood flow come together.

12. You shouldn’t swallow semen

Some people think that swallowing sperm is unsanitary, but the human mouth is filled with way more bacteria than ejaculate is. Most sperm is sterile unless the man producing it has STDs.

13. You can’t get STDs through oral sex

While it’s slightly easier to contract STDs through vaginal sex, oral sex can transmit infections, such as herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, HPV, and HIV. To be safe, use a condom or dental dam when going down.

Don’t believe all the lies

When it comes to sex, knowledge is power. Remember always to get tested for STDs regularly, and never forget to use protection.

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