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How Yoga Adds Spicy Twists to Sex

While tantric yoga can be your ticket to truly cosmic sex (the Kama Sutra, anyone?), it may not be something you can see yourself doing in a class or studio.

The good news is that the more familiar form of yoga — sun salutations, inverted poses — can also bring you to the heights of sexual bliss, if a bit more indirectly.

That’s right. Not only can you grow in strength, peace, and beauty; you can also grow in sexual prowess through your yoga practice.

Any way you bend it, you’ll look and feel better

Let’s start with the obvious boon to your sex life delivered by yoga: supple flexibility. A lot of your more mind-blowing sexual positions require this, and practicing yoga on a regular basis can help you get it.

Perhaps an equally obvious benefit is boosted self-esteem. With greater flexibility come improved strength and balance in a regular yoga practice. Plus, some forms of yoga really tone you. You’ll feel way more confident about your looks and your body. And nothing says “hot” like a woman who know she looks fit.

Of course, greater confidence breeds greater mental health. Yoga relieves stress and anxiety, an effect which carries over into the bedroom. A boost in mood means you can more easily find yourself in the mood — and more often, too.

Real power when you couple

Here’s the “chocolate cake” yoga payoff: more intense orgasms. Yoga makes you more aware of your body, and with that awareness comes heightened arousal. Some poses strengthen your pelvic muscles, and others even stimulate your erogenous zones.

With physical benefits also comes closer intimacy. Your partner need not do yoga for you two to reap this, but it doesn’t hurt. For added spice, consider partner yoga. It promotes closeness and builds trust.

You probably know that yoga gives you more energy. It does so by promoting restful sleep and relaxation. A vigorous yoga session can make you feel like you’ve had a great workout and help you sleep soundly. If you’re well rested, chances are you’ll be more in the mood for love. Plus, you’ll have the energy to go on and on and on!

And with more energy comes greater stamina. By building your core stability and muscle control, yoga improves your stamina, too. Your love-making sessions may last longer and be more intense as a result.

Reach yoga-smic heights

The verdict is in: Yoga makes for fantastic sex. Now that’s a position you should get yourself into!


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