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Does CBD Actually Help?

What Does CBD Do To You?

Now that cannabis products are legal in many states across the U.S., there are a lot of misconceptions about THC and CBD, two ingredients found in cannabis. CBD is being sold as an anti-inflammatory to help with sleep, anxiety, and pain. But is CBD good for you?

What’s CBD anyway?

CBD stands for “cannabidiol,” and it’s an extract from the cannabis plant. THC is what gives you a euphoric high, but CBD doesn’t. You don’t have to smoke CBD to reap its benefits — you can rub a CBD-infused oil on your skin, place a few drops under your tongue, or eat some CBD-infused candies.

Does CBD work?

While no large-scale studies have been done on CBD, most evidence is either based on animal research or small, short-term human studies. Research suggests that CBD does have beneficial anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. But, when it comes to pain management, most studies examine it when used with THC.

If you want to try out CBD…

Be sure to consult with your doctor first. Some medications are contraindicated, such as anti-epilepsy ones. CBD may also increase liver enzymes, so make sure your enzymes are within the normal range while consuming CBD products.

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