Did you know that regular exercise boosts your mood AND your immune system, making you more resilient—both mentally and physically? Staying active at home may feel tricky, but it's actually as simple as carving out 10-30 minutes of your day for movement.
Dasha L Anderson is an NYC-based celebrity personal trainer and founder of Kettlebell Kickboxing and KB Body. She's here to demonstrate a total body 'anywhere' workout that'll help build strength and mobility while getting your heart rate up.
Complete three sets of each move in a circuit.

1. Hinging thoracic opener

Do 10 on each side. Open up the spine, engage the core and abductors, and wake up the hips.

2. T push-up

Do 10 total but go slow. Use the modification if needed, and strengthen the back, engage the abdominals, sculpt the arms, and fire up the obliques and glutes.

3. Single leg RDL to full kneeling lunge

Do 10 repetitions on each side, slowly and controlled. This is a leg, glute, and core killer that trains the entire lower body.

4. Leopard twist to plank

Do 20 repetitions. Start in a table top position with knees raised. Lift one hand up and drop your opposite hip to the side, twisting your core. Repeat on the other side, then shift into a forearm plank and hold for three seconds.  

4. Hamstring mobility core activator hollow

Do eight leg raises, eight more in the hollow, and then eight more with arms over hollow. This works your core, abs, hip flexors and hamstrings, helping you fight off tightness and weakness from sitting.



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