Going out to eat doesn’t have to ruin your diet – especially if you live in the Valley of the Sun.

If you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area,  you’re in luck! Phoenix is home to some of the healthiest restaurants that serve delicious meals without all the guilt and extra poundage!

Some of the Healthiest Restaurants in the PHX

Here’s our list of the top ten healthiest restaurants in Phoenix:

  1. The Pita Jungle

The Pita Jungle is a healthy Mediterranean restaurant that dishes out some of the most delicious hummus around town! With over 15 locations around the Valley to choose from, the Pita Jungle is also very convenient. The menu is extensive, offering loads of nutritious dishes like lentil fetoosh salad, wood-fired fresh salmon, and falafel wraps. There’s loads of vegan and vegetarian options, too, and the Pita Jungle posts all nutritional information on their website. Our favorite dishes are the Caribbean salad and the Mediterranean platter.


  1. True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen, located on Camelback Road, serves some of the most delicious, healthiest gourmet food around. The menu incorporates anti-inflammatory foods, and offers a wide, healthy selection of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Menu items include organic Tuscan kale salad, wild scallops, and quinoa burgers as well as refreshing organic wines. We highly recommend the grass-fed bison burger – you won’t be disappointed!


  1. Pomegranate Café

The Pomegranate Café, located in Ahwatukee, offers delicious vegan, vegetarian and raw cuisine. In fact, they only use 100% organic produce, and everything is made from scratch. Menu items range from strawberry fields salad to green goddess burger to kung pao burrito. Plus, the Pomegranate Café serves some amazing smoothies, too, like peachy green and blueberry blast. We highly recommend this place!


  1. Green Restaurant

Green Restaurant, located in Tempe near ASU, offers mouthwatering, healthy vegan food. The dishes here are so good, you wouldn’t even realize they’re entirely vegan! Plus they also have an extensive gluten-free menu. Our favorite menu items include the green hummus, jerk tofu salad, the thai peanut bowl, and spiced edamame. Don’t forget to try Green’s soy-based soft serve treats, too!


  1. Desert Roots Kitchen

Desert Roots Kitchen, located on Mill Ave in Tempe, serves super healthy vegan and vegetarian food using local, farm fresh, and organic ingredients. Desert Roots Kitchen also caters to food allergies like gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and dairy-free. The cool thing about Desert Roots Kitchen is that their menu changes every single day to ensure you’re only getting fresh, seasonal ingredients. They generally offer hummus, burritos, and salads.


  1. Phoenix Public Market Café

What better place to eat organic, locally-produced food than at the Phoenix Public Market? Located in downtown Phoenix, the Phoenix Public Market offers delicious healthy food including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Menu mainstays include the all-vegetarian del real sandwich, the rainbow salad, and fresh-pressed juices.


  1. 24 Carrots

24 Carrots is an urban juice bar and café located in Tempe that serves organic and locally sourced smoothies and juices as well as meals made from wholesome ingredients. Their breakfast menu is to die for, offering vegan breakfast burritos, carrot cake pancakes, and protein power bowls. Some of 24 Carrots’ awesome beverages include cucumber juice, wheatgrass super shots, and pumpkin pie smoothies. Come check them out!


  1. Loving Hut

Loving Hut, located in Phoenix, serves up some of the best vegan international fare around! Their menu is extensive and offers spring rolls, Vietnamese sandwiches, coconut curries and more! The Loving Hut also provides plenty of gluten-free options and all their food is free of preservatives like MSG. Our favorite dish is the royal noodle soup.


  1. Luci’s Healthy Marketplace

Luci’s Healthy Marketplace is an organic coffee shop and eatery that serves up some of the tastiest, healthiest sandwiches around! All ingredients used are organic and locally sourced and there’s plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, too! Some menu highlights include the Greek omelet, Zeus turkey burger, Smokey Joe’s BTL, and the spring beet salad. Best of all, breakfast and lunch are served all day long!


  1. Tryst Café

Tryst Café, located in Scottsdale, serves up organic sandwiches and burgers as well as organic wine and beer. They have extensive breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus that include the Hawaiian breakfast, southwest chicken salad, goat cheese salad, tilapia tacos, and BBQ bacon burger. Best of all, all of Tryst Café’s meat and eggs are antibiotic and hormone-free, and they also offer gluten-free options. Our favorite menu item is the veggie stack. Come check them out!


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