fashion trendsThese fashion and beauty trends are totally making a comeback

Tons of fashion trends have come back from the dead, including many from decades well past. Here are 10 past fashion trends that have gotten a new lease on life.

1. Oversized blazers

The '80s oversized and borrowed-from-the-boys look is back with a vengeance. You'll notice these boxy silhouettes worn over mini dresses, shorts and more as street style fashionistas proudly rock this loose and reinstated layer.

2. Shoulder pads

Much like oversized blazers, shoulder pads are having a moment. An unexpected way to accentuate your waistline, the wide appearance of shoulder pads is perfect for proportion play. Team it with something slim on the bottom to further accentuate your waist.

3. Headscarfs

From silky vintage ones in the style of Jackie O. to little linen handkerchief styles that look straight from the European countryside, this is the favored hair accessory of the season.

4. Pastels

It's time to trade in your neon for something only slightly more subdued. Sweats and more in sorbet and pastel shades are the comforting cool we've all been craving. Look for colors in butter, mint, and violet to nail this trend.

5. Natural curls

In the 1970s the iconic Diana Ross rocked natural, voluminous curls. Today’s version of the same ‘do packs the same amount of volume, but it offers more texture. Remember that natural hair can do so many things.

6. Nude lips

Flesh-toned lipstick is classic when it comes to the bombshells of every generation. It’s always sexy and timeless, and a pale color on lips is great for balancing a dramatic “cat’s eye” look.

7. Freckles

Part of the no-makeup makeup movement is the return of seeing real skin and letting freckles shine. But even if you don't have naturally occurring freckles you can still get in on the trend. Freckle makeup has carved out a piece of the beauty market to help you out.

8. French manicures

Nothing is more timeless and classic than a French manicure. The white-tipped nails give off an elegant vibe, and they can be paired with any outfit. Want a twist to the classic French manicure? Try a reverse-French look, and add a modern color palette to the traditional pattern.

9. Loose denim

Gen Z has already been vocal against skinny pants, further raising the stock in its wider-legged counterparts. Loose jeans are back from the '90s and likely, here to stay for a while.

10. Bucket hats

The bucket hat has come and gone more times than we can count. But in canvas, raffia, and even leather iterations, this hat shape is back with a vengeance. Perfect for summer and just everyday living, bucket hats are the perfect kind to pack and keep in your bag anytime you're stepping out into the sun. A skin fitness win-win!

What's old is always new again

Sometimes, it pays to hold onto those older pieces. So if you're looking at your closet and wondering what should stay or go, don't forget to take a look over this list for any trends that have come back around. You just might have an en vogue item already lying in your closet!