Tons of fashion trends have come back from the dead, including many from decades well past. Here are 12 past fashion trends that have gotten a new lease on life.

wine lipstick
Ultra-popular in the 1920s and 1930s, wine lipstick has made a comeback, especially on fall-and winter-fashion runways. Remember to always pair dark lips with light eye makeup, and your lips will take center stage.
natural curls
In the 1970s the iconic Diana Ross rocked natural, voluminous curls. Today’s version of the same ‘do packs the same amount of volume, but it offers more texture. Remember that natural hair can do so many things.
top knot hair
When you think of top knots, you probably think of Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Well, this elegant 1960s hairdo is back and influencing fashion today. "Everyone's wearing tidy topknots," Glamour reports. "The higher, prouder version of the classic hair bun, the topknot is officially the modern way to wear pulled-back styles." Get the look to stay ahead of the fashion curve in 2017.
pink hair

In the late 1990s, pink hair was all the rage. It has made a comeback today, but it’s a lot tamer. The modern take on pink hair is to highlight your hair with rose gold color in order to make the pink shading subtler.


nude lips
Flesh-toned lipstick is classic when it comes to bombshells of every generation. It’s always sexy and timeless, and a pale color on lips is great for balancing a dramatic “cat’s eye” look.
Very popular in the 1930s and 1940s, cascading waves are back. The key to this look is a flawless blowout; the waves need to be completely controlled. This means no frizz whatsoever.
1960's lashes

Ultra-mod 1960s lashes recall Twiggy, a popular British supermodel of yesteryear. And her influence continues to be felt in the fashion world. Try adding a swipe of peach shadow along your lower lash for a modern touch.


halfmoon manicure
"Reverse French or 'half-moon' manicures are having a major moment," Seventeen notes. If you want a more modern take on the traditional nude nail, then you can get a manicure that is actually a throwback to the 1930s and 1940s, when actresses like Joan Crawford lacquered up in the design.
mod french manicure
Nothing is more timeless and classic than a French manicure. The white-tipped nails give off an elegant vibe, and they can be paired with any outfit. Want a twist to the classic French manicure? Try a reverse-French look, and add a modern color palette to the traditional pattern.
grunge look
"Whether it’s on the catwalk, on the street or in the stores," The Trend Spotter reports, "90s trends are appearing everywhere." Try some smoky eye shadow and waves coupled with a Nirvana shirt layered with a flannel shirt.
cat eye liner
Remember the 1960s and cat’s eyes? The modern twist is easy: Just use eyeliner and some mascara for a classic look.
blue eyeshadow
When you see blue eye shadow, you tend to think of the 1980s. Luckily, today’s version is a lot softer. Concentrate the bold shade on your lids, and then blend out the edges for a natural-looking fade. Finish it off by swiping navy liner along your inner lids.

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