bigstock-Young-woman-with-crystal-ball-37066108_fvhkoj-672x372How to nail the "mysticore" trend

Channel your inner witch with “mysticore,” a New Age-y fashion trend that involves potions, crystals, and candles. Currently sweeping the nation, mysticore is all about personal empowerment and modern feminism. No mysticore maven can be seen without these five items:

1. Crystal ball

You can’t fully embrace the mysticore movement without a crystal ball. Commonly found in New Age stores, a crystal ball is used for fortune-telling, energy healing, and drawing energy and protection. To channel your inner white witch, you’ll want to place your crystal ball on your fireplace.

2. Flowing black dresses

In mysticore, black is the new black (think the members of Ladytron). Any type of black dress will do, but it should flow. Pair them with black tights and heels for an ultra-mystical look.

3. Gemstone jewelry

Accessorize your mysticore look with gemstone rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Gemstone jewelry is highly prized in the New Age community, and each gemstone possesses a different metaphysical property. Agate, for instance, is used to ground yourself, and garnet repels negative energy.

4. Black eyeliner

Because mysticore combines elements of New Age, normcore, and goth, most mysticore fashionistas love showing off smoky eyes by using black eyeliner and gray eyeshadow. This achieves a seductive charm. If you go for smoky eyes, pair them with some glitter and neutral lip-gloss.

5. Tarot cards

Any mysticore follower wouldn’t be caught dead without a pack of tarot cards. Found in most New Age shops, tarot cards are commonly used to measure outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding a person. You can easily learn how to conduct tarot card readings, which will surely enchant all your friends.

Cast a spell

Weave some magic into your wardrobe with mysticore. All it takes is some witchy dresses, gems, and a bit of imagination.


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