5 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Curves

Be proud of your curves

No two women are shaped exactly the same, and those differences are what make us beautiful! Tall, short, thin or curvy, it's about loving what you've got and learning how to best accentuate your own unique body. If you've been blessed with a voluptuous body type, here are five reasons why you should embrace your curves:

1. To practice self-love

Realizing that 99% of women will never have model-thin figures and that such goals are harmful and unrealistic, embracing your curves allows you to practice self-love. And it's true  you have to love yourself first before others can love you fully. If you embrace your curves, you'll appear more confident and proud, and that will radiate outward to others.

2. To set a positive example

Tons of teenage girls learn from a very early age that they're not pretty enough, not thin enough, and not smart enough. Embracing your curves enables you to be a positive role model for young girls. This is especially true if you have kids in your life. Instead of putting yourself down, exude confidence, which will help kids around you develop high self-esteem.

3. To boost your love life

If you start embracing your curves and stop putting yourself down, your love life will benefit tremendously. Why? Because when you're not feeling beautiful, you're not going to be completely receptive to romance. But, if you're feeling sexy and positive, your attitude will completely change the dynamic in a relationship.

4. To reaffirm your beauty

There are no if's, and's, or but's about it  curves are beautiful. There's nothing like a curvy woman confidently wearing a pair of jeans. Embrace your curves because they are gorgeous.

5. To realize the female body is amazing

There isn't only one ideal body type. Every woman is built differently, and that is something that should be embraced. In fact, very few women are meant to be a size two or four. Instead of getting fixated on one body type, you should celebrate body diversity  it's incredible that women's bodies are so unique!

Curves are feminine and beautiful

Remember that it is our responsibility to take care of our bodies and to be healthy. Being skinny does not equate to being in shape, either. Instead of putting yourself down for whatever size you are, embrace your natural curves!

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