7 Tips To Becoming An Influencer

Anyone can own and use an Instagram account. But to gain a large following, you must use the platform in the right way. More followers mean a stronger social media presence, which can lead to Internet celebrity.

A social media platform that allows you to share photos and videos with other users, Instagram has created a unique kind of influencer — a thought leader in beauty, fashion, or another area of expertise.

Perhaps an Instagram influencer is also a fashion blogger with a distinct Internet presence. A fashion boutique might approach her to model one of its dresses in a photo. If she agrees, she'll pick out a dress, find a way to wear it with flair, snap some photos of herself, and post them to her Instagram account. She’ll also caption her pics with the boutique’s name and details about the dress. And she’ll have to disclose that the picture is an advertisement.

Instagram influencers matter to businesses. This is because Instagram is insanely popular, and when people get into the platform, they really get into it. Once you’ve put your profile together, these tips will help you build next-level Instagram influence.


1. When it comes to Instagram posts, it's quality over quantity

Posts have to catch Instagram followers' attention. Vet your prospective posts, then, by seeing what has the highest impact.

2. Rich content gets looks

Engagement will make or break you as an Instagram influencer. The more likes and comments you have, the higher you'll rank. Invest in a digital single-lense reflex (DSLR) camera, or learn how to use your smartphone’s camera to flattering effect. Use natural lighting and turn off the flash.

3. Tell your story

Storytelling is more than just discussing products or yourself. To gain followers, you should be open about your struggles and who you are as a person. Followers are likely to comment on posts they feel a connection with, especially if the story you're telling is emotional.

4. Assess your posts from a follower's point of view

"Would I like this post?" "Would I comment on it?" These are the questions to ask yourself. Focus on content engagement with your followers. And seek feedback from friends and colleagues to see how you can improve your media presence.

5. Target your audience

To become a successful Instagram influencer, you need to present yourself as an expert on whatever topic you pick — food, health, beauty, fashion, and so on. Post quality pictures daily that help to establish your expertise. If you're into cosmetics, post product reviews or makeovers. Do research by looking at other influencers' posts to get a feel for how they present themselves.

6. Build your audience

Contact others in your niche and build rapport with them; networking is huge in the influencer business. Give props to bigger influencers and share recommendations. Follow anyone you believe is worth it.

7. Pick a platform that plays to your strengths and stick to it

Resist the urge to branch out to other social media platforms. Make the most of Instagram by sharpening your photography and writing skills and trying new approaches to gaining followers. It's also important that you're able to roll with any changes or updates to the platform.

The Power of Influence

As you slowly begin to build your media presence and following on Instagram, companies will begin to approach you with chances to help market their products and services. They may comp you a facial, send you some new apparel, or simply give you money. Not a bad way to make your social media use pay!


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