Job interviews are scary. If you’ve landed one, congrats! In the process of rehearsing for potential interview questions and conducting background research on the company, don’t forget to make sure you leave a positive impression.

And that means not wearing anything weird or unprofessional.

It pays to look great ...

If you need a little help deciding what to wear, you’re totally in luck. Here are some tips on how to dress for that big job interview.

1. Keep your accessories to a minimum

While you may want to flaunt your jewelry collection, a job interview isn’t the time for it. Keep it simple, instead, with a nice watch or a classic pearl earring and necklace set. Also, skip wearing perfume because you never know who has allergies. Always play it safe!

2. Avoid wearing overly casual clothes

Even if the company you’re interviewing for is super laid-back, it is still possible to take casual too far. Avoid wearing jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirts, flip flops, short skirts, or any item with messages or brands written on them. "Take the conservative approach," the career site recommends, "and save the fun stuff for after you’ve got the job."

3. Avoid wearing distracting items

You should avoid wearing anything that’s too bright or loud. That means you should choose subtle patterns over brighter ones, and dark or neutral clothing over neon colors. Make sure you’re the focus of the interview — not your clothing. "If you're going to wear a bold print, limit it to one print only and keep the rest of the outfit simple and subdued," The Balance advises. On that same note, also avoid wearing anything that’s too revealing, like sun dresses or platform heels.

4. Keep your makeup light

Once again, the interviewer should be focused on you, not your cosmetics. Keep it simple. Instead of wearing bright colored lipstick and dark eye shadow, go with neutral lipstick and natural eye shadow colors.New call-to-action

5. Wear clothing that fits well

This should be an obvious one, but make sure your interview outfit actually flatters you. Avoid anything that’s too tight or baggy. If you’re wearing ill-fitting clothes, it may not only give the wrong impression. And it may be distracting.

6. Clothing that flaunts your tattoos or piercings is a no-no

Depending on where you are interviewing, you'll want consider covering up your tattoos and taking out your rings. (You could also have your ink lasered away.)

7. Avoid any clothes that are outdated

In a tough job market like now, even your overall appearance matters. If your wardrobe is outdated, invest in some modern clothes to wear to your interview. Same goes for your shoes.

8. Keep your hosiery simple

Leave the patterned hosiery and fishnets for when you’re not working."Select a sheer or nude color that is close to your own skin tone," the Huffington Post advises. And if you’re thinking about going sans stockings, don’t do it. Bare legs are almost never OK, so don’t take the chance.

Position yourself for career success with a smart professional look

If you want to get the job, then you should perfect your look. "Whether or not you're applying for a job that will require formal dress, you should always choose something formal for the interview," notes Glamour. "This doesn't mean it's a suit every time, but just because you've seen people going in and out the offices in jeans and trainers doesn't mean you shouldn't dress your best for your visit." By keeping a few simple rules of thumb in mind, you'll nail a career-best ensemble every time you interview.

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